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High School Principal Yells at Pro-Life Activists Protesting on Public Property; Calls Abortion Photography ‘Pornographic’

By  Frank Camp

On November 18th, members of Created Equal, an anti-abortion organization, were holding posters and distributing literature outside South Side high school in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when they were accosted by the school’s principal, Carlton Mable:

“You guys can’t be on the school property…No, no. Please move your signs or I will kick them off…Get them off my property!”

The activists were not on school property.

When Mable got up close and personal with the activists, he saw them filming, and became agitated, saying: “Hey, you recording me? I’m not gonna be happy.” Mable continued to shout, telling the activists to get off the school’s property, or go across the street. At one point, the principal allegedly threw the anti-abortion posters into the street.

A police officer arrived at the scene, and, according to the video, told Mable that the Created Equal demonstrators were in the right, as they were on public property. That’s when Mable took a different approach:

“To me, I would consider all this pornographic. These pictures–this is pornographic to me.”

The images featured on the posters were those of aborted infants. None of the images were shockingly graphic, as some of those types of images have the tendency to be:

One has to wonder, if Mable is pro-choice (and it can be safely assumed that he is, given his aggressive reaction to the demonstrators) why would images of terminated pregnancies offend him so much? If he believes a woman has the right to terminate her pregnancy, as the parlance goes, those images are just an extension of his beliefs. What’s shown in the photographs is no more than globs of tissue.

Perhaps those “pornographic” images made him feel uncomfortable because deep down inside, he knows that what’s being depicted is child homicide.

In the end, the pro-life movement snags another win in the face of the belligerent and misinformed pro-choice lobby.

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