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This High School Principal Just Banned Students From Cheering For Team Color: White

A high school principal in Connecticut is warning students to stop using the word “white” to cheer for their team colors during games, because it might come across as “racist.”

East Hampton High’s Principal John Fidler posted a letter instructing students to use means other than their team chant to express team pride.

“Given the current social climate across the country, our use of the ‘White’ cheer is under suspension. Please show your pride in our town and our school through other means when cheering on our teams. Thank you for your consideration,” the letter reads.

The Hampton High chant in question begins with the team color cheer:

When we say blue, you say white!

Blue, white!

Blue, white!

Paul Smith, the school’s superintendent, defended Fidler’s statements by rationalizing that he thinks the “white” cheer is getting old.

“It’s kind of outgrown just being done in our gym and at pep rallies and there’s a time and a place where the cheer is appropriate and a time when it may appear insensitive,” he said. “In road games, we’re dressed in blue, and even though it’s still senior tradition to say white, white, white, over and over, I think the context is not understood by everybody.”

Smith added because of the timing of the high school’s games, possibly by coinciding with President-Elect Donald Trump’s win last month, allowing the word “white” in a cheer that will be chanted repeatedly is “insensitive.”

Needless to say, students at Hampton High were disgruntled with the fact that they could no longer cheer their team because their cheer included mention of a color that by leftist social justice standards represents evil, also known as “white human people.”

“When the seniors cheer all they say is white,” student Brandon Kochuk posted. “They don’t say white power or anything involving race they are just saying white.”

“This stuff has me outraged they are trying to take a simple chant that our school has done for years and years,” student Jordan Michnowicz posted to Facebook. “They are trying to make it about race.”

“Why should you change a chant or cheer that has been around for years and has no racial connotation just because a few people are too stupid to understand such simple context?” student Blake Friel posted to Facebook. “Why should the vast majority of people change the chants they know and love because of a few racist retards who can’t see anything past skin color? Those are the questions you should be asking.”

The decision to ban a high school cheer occurs around the time a Pennsylvania professor tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide,” setting off an inflammatory “White Genocide” hashtag trending on Twitter.

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