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Hey, Look! A Transgender American Traitor Is Protesting Trump’s Trans Military Ban!

Former Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning, who now goes by Chelsea, showed up at the White House on Thursday to protest President Donald Trump’s Twitter announcement to rescind former President Barack Obama’s eleventh-hour policy change allowing openly transgender personnel to serve in the United States Military.

Manning, who was charged and convicted with sharing hundreds of thousands of classified United States records with WikiLeaks, is now making the case that we need transgender troops in our Military.

Seems like the right person to make such a pitch …

Manning took a selfie at the White House on Thursday and posted it to social media.

“[F]igured i [sic] would show my face at the new ground zero of the war on trans people,” he captioned the post.

And yes, he was referring to the White House as the “new ground zero of the war on trans people.” (Here I was thinking it was at a militant Islamic country where they throw trans and gay folks off buildings.)

figured i would show my face at the new ground zero of the war on trans people you see, #WeGotThis

A post shared by Chelsea E. Manning (@xychelsea87) on Jul 27, 2017 at 6:40am PDT

Manning also took to Twitter to voice his emoji-packed nonsense, calling the news “cowardice.”

But it gets better. The New York Times also published an op-ed, titled “President Trump, Trans People in the Military Are Here to Stay,” from the traitor who put American lives in danger.

“The sudden reversal by the administration, from allowing trans people to serve openly in the military to outright banning us, is a devastating blow to our livelihoods, our basic humanity, our survival. It is also a devastating blow to the entire credibility of the United States military for years to come,” wrote Manning.

In May, Manning was released from his 35-year sentence after just seven years thanks to a pardon by former President Barack Obama.