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Hero: Armed Neighbor Saves Family From Carjacker With Knife

By  Kassy Dillon

Last week, a good neighbor with a gun reportedly stopped a bad neighbor with a knife assaulting a woman.

On Friday, Adam Armstrong of Littlefield, Texas, witnessed one of his neighbors, Ruben Lopez, 25, assaulting a mother while she was trying to get her kids out of her car, KLBK News reports.

Armstrong, who has a license to carry, pulled out his pistol and pointed the gun at Lopez.

“He got to the driveway and pulled a knife, so I grabbed my pistol,” Armstrong told KLBK News.

When he saw Armstrong’s firearm, Armstrong said Lopez crossed the street back to his family’s house. When police arrived, Lopez reportedly dropped his knife and attacked the officer.

Armstrong said he has had problems with Lopez before. Armstrong received his license to carry six months ago in case of incidents just like this, he said.

“My house didn’t become a crime scene, and now I don’t have a young man’s blood on my hands,” Armstrong said. “I have always believed in my rights as an American, and I have always believed in my rights to be safe.”

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