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Here’s What Trump Should Say To End The Comey-Mania

By  Ben

After fired FBI director James Comey’s much-ballyhooed testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, President Trump could come away feeling vindicated in two key respects. First, Comey acknowledged that Trump never attempted to impede the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election; second, Comey admitted that Trump was not under personal investigation. In two other, more minor respects, the Comey hearing was a winner for Trump, too: first, Comey acknowledged that Loretta Lynch improperly intervened in the Hillary investigation; second, Comey said that he had leaked material to the press, undermining his own credibility in some ways.

All of which could add up to a relatively solid defense for Trump, despite Comey’s allegations that Trump wanted to establish a “patronage” relationship with Comey and said he “hoped” Comey could find a way to let former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn off the hook.

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