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Here’s What Cosmopolitan Just Likened Abortion To. It’s Callous And Gross. [Video]

By  Amanda

On Monday, Cosmopolitan magazine, salivating over an abortion propaganda video created by the ACLU, likened getting an abortion to fixing a computer. Neither should have any obstacles; abortion should be as mainstreamed and simple as asking Jake from tech support to enable your Wi-Fi networks.

The video shows a young woman calling tech support after some sort of computer malfunction. After she requests a “female computer service,” she is asked if she really wants the service and is directed to wait 72 hours for more assistance.

The audio recording implies that men cannot have a say in the ending of a baby’s life because they “don’t know anything” about “lady computer users,” and suggests that letting women know the risks of abortion are unnecessary and “false.”

“[A]re you sure that’s what you want? Sure I don’t anything about you, or lady computer users, or how they work. But because I disapprove of your choices, here are some false, but scary implications of your actions,” says the recording, ridiculing life-saving legislation.

“Because I don’t think you’re capable of making decisions for yourself, we’re going to make you make a separate, totally unnecessary trip to the service center before we allow you to come back and get the services you need,” concludes the “state representative” in the video.

“This is some bullshit!” screams the woman in response, presumably angry that she couldn’t kill her baby sooner.

“In short, it’s amazing and perfect, and you should watch it immediately,” Cosmopolitan disturbingly touts the video comparing the murder of a child to getting your computer fixed.

Some information the massively influential trash magazine left out of their pro-abortion video, according to research via Life News, is that about “31 percent of women having abortions report suffering physical health complications,” “10 percent suffer immediate, potentially life-threatening complications,” and 65 percent suffer from symptoms of PTSD. Moreover, suicide rates become six times higher after an abortion and a woman increases her risk of a future miscarriage by 60 percent post abortion.

Last checked, Cosmo, getting a computer fixed never ended a life, left a woman who “fixed” it severely depressed or with physical complications including up to death. But you know, I could be wrong.

Here’s a quick walk-through of a D&E abortion procedure (occurs within 13-24 weeks of a pregnancy) by a former abortionists; which again, seems a bit different than fixing you computer.

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