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Here’s The Latest Hate Crime Hoax — Caught On Video

By  Amanda

Since the political rise of Donald Trump, the Left has ramped up their coverage of “hate crimes,” many of which have been uncovered to be perpetrated by hoaxers looking to advance a false victimhood narrative.

The latest string of “hate crimes” discovered to be a hoax comes to us from New Jersey, where it turns out a black male vandalized five black churches, for which there is video surveillance evidence. At the time of the attacks, the Left hyped the incidents as evidence of their grim narrative of an America plagued by constant racial targeting, particularly against minorities. In other words, the “hate crimes” helped bolster the Left’s drive to divide the country by race.

A total of five churches saw stained glass windows shattered and church signs broken and damaged.

In the wake of the incidents, Governor-elect Phil Murphy slammed the “cowardly acts” and an investigation was launched.

“Disgusted by reported vandalism of African-American churches across Morristown. These cowardly acts will not shake our faith,” Murphy tweeted. “They will renew our determination to come together as one NJ.”

But it turns out that the targeted churches were not the result of a hate crime spree. According to, “Authorities have ruled out bias as the motive in the vandalism of five predominantly black churches after charging a 45-year-old Morristown resident on Sunday.”

The suspect, Zuri C. Towns, apparently attended services at one of the churches as a child. He’s been charged with four counts of fourth-degree criminal mischief and one count of third-degree criminal mischief, per

“As a result of the investigation, no evidence was obtained that would indicate this was a bias incident which legally requires purpose to intimidate a person or group based upon their protected class,” said a news release from authorities.

Here’s the church’s pastor talking about the vandalism, over the weekend:

Here’s the video surveillance from Church of God in Christ for All Saints showing Towns throwing rocks at the church.


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