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Here’s Just Another Indicator That Gorsuch Is AWESOME

By  Elliott Hamilton

As Sen. Ted Cruz indicated on Tuesday, President Trump hit a home run in nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Gorsuch, who has sat on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals since 2006, is a textualist, despises judicial activism, defends religious liberties, and believes in federalist principles like separation of powers and a limited federal government.

In addition to his impeccable resume, he was also an unapologetic conservative in college and took on progressives during the Reagan presidency. In an article in Fusion, one of Univision’s left-leaning news sites, Wilfred Chen wrote the following about Gorsuch’s years at Columbia University.

Gorsuch was best-known on campus for founding a conservative campus publication, The Federalist Paper, which frequently ran attacks on campus activists. One of them was Jordan Kushner, a student two years above Gorsuch who is now a civil rights lawyer in Minneapolis.

“He had something against every progressive cause,” Kushner told me. “He criticized divestment movements, he criticized the protest against gentrification…he was hostile toward issues involving racism, back when he wasn’t trying to lay the groundwork to try and become a federal judge.”

Before entering Harvard Law School and becoming a federal circuit judge, Gorsuch earned the reputation of a fighting conservative who refused to allow progressives to get away with their campaigns without criticism. He also had harsh words for protestors who would aimlessly protest whichever cause seemed relevant at the time.

When he wasn’t criticizing specific protesters, Gorsuch attacked protesters in general. “Fifteen students wandered about, aimlessly criticizing whatever struck their fancy…with a couple of illegible banners,” he wrote in one column, adding, “our protesters, it seems, have a monopoly on righteousness they are asking for special treatment, acting as a vigilante squad while avoiding the weight of their own actions.

This sounds like the kind of individual conservatives need in the Supreme Court.

While Fusion attempted to cast Gorsuch as a racist right-winger who challenged progressivism, it only gives him additional credibility as a principled conservative who understands that the radical left is an enemy to freedom and liberty. Gorsuch is a fighter, and if his record in the 10th Circuit is any indicator, he might just be able to fill the big shoes left by Justice Scalia a year ago.

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