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Here’s Joe Biden’s Absurd Response When Asked If Bill Clinton’s Sexual Conduct Matters

Joe Biden continues to prove that he will say anything to anyone at any point if it is politically expedient. In a logically indefensible and morally reprehensible comment, the Vice President of the United States said that the numerous serious allegations of sexual assault, harassment, and rape against Bill Clinton are irrelevant to an election involving his wife and accused enabler. However, the less numerous and serious allegations against Trump, he maintained, are crucial to the race.

“As you know, Donald Trump is bringing up everything Bill Clinton right now. Should that matter?” NBC News host Chuck Todd asked Biden in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

“No, it shouldn’t matter,” said Biden. “Look, I can’t make any excuse for Bill Clinton’s conduct. I– I– I– and I wouldn’t attempt to make any excuses for the conduct. But he paid a price for it. He paid a price. He was impeached. And he was– he expressed his deep sorrow and acknowledged what he did. This guy, as I said, has acknowledged that he has been a sexual predator. He’s acknowledged that he’s abused his power. And the– as I said, the textbook definition of what constitutes sexual assault.”

Among other things, Biden’s statement begs the question: Which allegations exactly did Clinton admit to and express “deep sorrow” about, other than the ones he was caught red-handed for after lying to the American people about? What about the accusations by Juanita Broaddrick and Gennifer Flowers, both of whom he and his wife have allegedly repeatedly attempted to destroy?

As for the irrational argument that her husband’s sexually predatory actions and her role in protecting them are irrelevant to the election, how is that possible when Hillary Clinton herself is deliberately making Trump’s less severe alleged predatory actions a central argument of her campaign? The answer of course is that Biden does not believe a single word coming out of his own mouth—and he knows that the media will cover for his egregious self-contradictions in order to prop up the Democratic nominee.

The truth is Trump’s repellant statements and alleged actions do matter to the election, as do the even more reprehensible actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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