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Here’s the Confession That The ‘Making a Murderer’ Filmmakers Don’t Want You To See

The Netflix documentary Making a Murderer is filled with manipulations and distortions to obscure the fact that Steven Avery was, in fact, a murderer. The confession of Avery’s nephew further highlights the misleading tactics used by the filmmakers.

Avery is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Teresa Halbach, a 25-year-old photographer. The evidence is clear-cut that Avery is guilty of the murder, as The Daily Wire‘s Michael Qazvini has written, and now The Hollywood Reporter has provided a transcript of the portion of Brendan Dassey’s confession that he and Avery, his uncle, murdered Halbach that was not included in the documentary.

In an interrogation by the police in Calumet County, Wi., Dassey admitted that he and Avery were planning to kill Halbach for “a few days before it happened.” Avery’s motive was that “he was pissed off that [his ex-fiancee] Jodi [Stachowksi] was in jail again” and Halbach would be visiting the house “to take a picture of a van.”

Dassey provided the graphic details of Halbach’s murder:

He [Avery] went to go pick up some stuff around the yard then after that we, he asked me to come in the house cuz he wanted to show me somethin’. And he showed me that she [Halbach] was laying on the bed, her hands were roped up to the bed and that her legs were cuffed. And then he told me to have sex with her and so I did because I thought I was not gonna get away from ’em cuz he was too strong, so I did what he said and then after that, he untied her and uncuffed her and then he brought her outside and before he went outside, he told me to grab her clothes and her shoes. So we went into the garage and before she went out, when before he took her outside, he had tied up her hands and feet and then was in the garage and he stabbed her and then he told me to. And, after that he wanted to make sure she was dead or somethin’ so he shot her five times and while he was doing that I wasn’t looking because I can’t watch that stuff. So I was standing by the big door in the garage and then after that, he took her outside and we put her on the fire and we used her clothes to clean up the, some of the blood. And, when we put her in the fire, and her clothes, we were standing right by the garage, to wait for it to get down so we threw some of that stuff on it after it went down.

Dassey also provided vivid, gruesome detail of him and Avery stabbing Halbach:

POLICE: OK. Let’s start with when you bring her out to the garage. Where do you put her?

DASSEY: On the floor.

POLICE: And continue, tell us what happens.

DASSEY: And then he stabs her and then he tells me to and then he puts her into the jeep and then he said he would rather burn her so then he put her back on the floor and then he shot her five times.

POLICE: Where does he stab her?

DASSEY: In the chest.

POLICE: Show me where.

DASSEY: Like right here.

POLICE: Where do you stab her?

DASSEY: In the stomach.

POLICE: What does she say when you stab her?

DASSEY: To stop what I was doin’.

POLICE: What’s that? Is she screaming?


POLICE: Is she screaming and saying stop what you’re doing? Is she swearing at you? Is she struggling or what? Tell us how that happened.

DASSEY: Just that she was crying a lot.

POLICE: Are you holding her down?


POLICE: Who is?

DASSEY: Steven is.

Dassey also admitted that Avery shot Halbach five times

The parts of the confession that the Making of a Murderer documentary did show makes it appear as if the police’s interrogation methods coerced Dassey into telling the story they wanted to hear, but, as Breitbart’s John Nolte writes, that this is not the case.

“Sure, they pushed him but he was never threatened,” Nolte writes. “The investigating officers never even raised their voices (that I recall). And even if you have a 70 IQ, you don’t confess to something you didn’t do, much less rape and murder.”

HLN’s Nancy Grace, who has previously interviewed Avery and gave The Hollywood Reporter the portion of Dassey’s confession that was not included in the documentary, agrees that he and his nephew were murderers.

“My knowledge at that time and now is that he brutally murdered this girl,” Grace said. “True, he was wrongly convicted on a previous charge, and that’s a miscarriage of justice too. But he killed Teresa Halbach.”

“And then he stabs her and then he tells me to and then he puts her into the jeep and then he said he would rather burn her so then he put her back on the floor and then he shot her five times.”

Steven Avery’s nephew, Brendan Dassey

Stachowski, Avery’s ex-fiancee, told Grace’s producer Natisha Lance that Avery is a “monster” and that “he is not innocent.”

“I ate two boxes of rat poison just so I could go the hospital,” Stachowski said. “And get away from him, and ask them to get the police to help me.”

This article has been updated to clarify that a portion of Dassey’s confession appeared in the documentary.

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