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Here’s The Complete List of Sexual Allegations Against Donald Trump

After CNN’s Anderson Cooper set the stage at Sunday’s presidential debate asking if Donald Trump had ever committed sexual harassment, numerous women have come forward accusing Trump of sexual harassment, embroiling the Trump campaign in scandal.

Here is the complete list of sexual allegations against Trump.

Trump walked into the women’s dressing room at the 1997 Miss Teen USA Beauty Pageant. Five women have alleged that Trump entered the dressing room as they were changing, stating: “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.”

“I recall chaperones saying that we had a visitor and to get covered up,” Victoria Hughes, former Miss New Mexico Teen USA, told Buzzfeed. “The black curtains opened and in walks Mr. Trump smiling. He wished us all good luck, did not stay very long and left. As teenagers, it no doubt caught us off guard, as the timing of the entrance could’ve been better and less awkward for us all.”

Hughes and Mariah Billado, the former Miss Vermont Teen USA who was 15 years old at the time, are the only two women making this allegation that have been identified. The other three have remained anonymous.

Trump himself seemed to admit to this in an appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show: “I’ll tell you the funniest is that I’ll go backstage before a show and everyone’s getting dressed. No men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in, because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it. … ‘Is everyone OK?’ You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody OK?’ And you see these incredible looking women, and so I sort of get away with things like that.”

Billado has also alleged that Trump’s daughter Ivanka simply said “Yeah, he does that,” when she was told about her father entering the dressing room.

A woman claimed that Trump groped her at an event at Mar-a-Logo. Mindy McGillivray was helping photographers at a Ray Charles concert when she was able to go backstage in hopes of meeting the famous musician. That’s when the alleged groping suddenly occurred.

“I felt a grab, a little nudge,” McGillivray told the Palm Beach Post. “I think it’s Ken’s camera bag, that was my first instinct. I turn around and there’s Donald. He sort of looked away quickly. I quickly turned back, facing Ray Charles, and I’m stunned.”

Ken Davidoff, one of the photographers at the event and a friend of McGillivray, said that McGillivray exclaimed to him: “Donald just grabbed my ass!”

McGillivray didn’t go public with the story until Trump denied ever sexually harassing women at Sunday’s presidential debate, prompting McGillivray to scream: “You liar!”

Trump is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in 1994. The girl, who is filing the lawsuit under the alias Katie Johnson, has claimed she was held as a sex-slave by billionaire pervert Jeffrey Epstein–who is a friend of both Trump and Bill Clinton–and at a party in Epstein’s New York City apartment, Trump did the following to her, via Snopes:

Defendant Trump had sexual contact with me at four different parties in the summer of 1994. On the fourth and final sexual encounter with Defendant Trump, Defendant Trump tied me to a bed, exposed himself to me, and then proceeded to forcibly rape me. During the course of this savage sexual attack, I loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to stop but he did not. Defendant Trump responded to my pleas by violently striking me in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted.

Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.

A witness under the alias of Tiffany Doe said she “personally witnessed the one occasion where Mr. Trump forced the Plaintiff and a 12-year-old female named Maria [to] perform oral sex on Mr. Trump and witnessed his physical abuse of both minors when they finished the act.”

The case is being tried in a New York court for the third time, and Trump will have to testify about it in December.

Trump is accused of groping a makeup artist. Jill Harth claimed that in 1992, she and her then-boyfriend George Houraney met with Trump to host their company’s events at Atlantic City casinos where Trump “ran his hands up her skirt, to her crotch.”

In 1993, Harth and Houraney visited Mar-a-Lago, where Trump gave a tour to Harth. The groping occurred when they stopped in Ivanka Trump’s bedroom.

“I was admiring the decoration, and next thing I know he’s pushing me against a wall and has his hands all over me,” Harth told New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. “He was trying to kiss me. I was freaking out.”

Harth filed a lawsuit against Trump in 1997; ironically, she dated him a year later for a period of time.

A woman who used to write for People magazine claims Trump sexually assaulted her. The writer, Natasha Stoynoff, explained that she was assigned by the magazine to interview Donald and Melania Trump about their marriage at Mar-a-Lago. Trump gave her a tour of the estate and brought her to a room that he claimed she “just had to see”:

We walked into that room alone, and Trump shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat.

Now, I’m a tall, strapping girl who grew up wrestling two giant brothers. I even once sparred with Mike Tyson. It takes a lot to push me. But Trump is much bigger — a looming figure — and he was fast, taking me by surprise and throwing me off balance. I was stunned. And I was grateful when Trump’s longtime butler burst into the room a minute later, as I tried to unpin myself.

The butler informed us that Melania would be down momentarily, and it was time to resume the interview.

I was still in shock and remained speechless as we both followed him to an outdoor patio overlooking the grounds. In those few minutes alone with Trump, my self-esteem crashed to zero. How could the actions of one man make me feel so utterly violated? I’d been interviewing A-list celebrities for over 20 years, but what he’d done was a first. Did he think I’d be flattered?

Stoynoff still conducted the interview and published the story, deciding to stay silent about the incident out of fear that a man with Trump’s power and wealth could ruin her if she exposed what he did. Instead she stepped down from the Trump beat. She decided to tell her story after Sunday’s presidential debate.

Trump allegedly sexually harassed a woman on an airplane. The woman, Jessica Leeds, recounted the following incident from over 30 years ago, according to the New York Times:

About 45 minutes after takeoff, she recalled, Mr. Trump lifted the armrest and began to touch her.

According to Ms. Leeds, Mr. Trump grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt.

“He was like an octopus,” she said. “His hands were everywhere.”

She fled to the back of the plane. “It was an assault,” she said.

Leeds and Trump didn’t see each other prior to the flight. When she saw Trump’s denial of sexual harassment during Sunday’s presidential debate, Leeds said she “wanted to punch the screen.”

Trump is accused of inappropriately kissing a receptionist. The same New York Times report that told Leeds’s story also featured the story of Rachel Crooks, who alleged that in 2005 she was a receptionist for a company inside Trump Tower. One day she ran into Trump and introduced herself. Trump refused to let go of her hand after the standard introductory handshake and “began kissing her on the cheeks” and then “directly on the mouth.”

The 2013 Miss Washington USA alleges Trump groped her. Cassandra Searles wrote in Facebook post that Trump “continually grabbed my ass and invited me to his hotel room.”

The 1997 Miss Utah claims that Trump kissed her without consent. Temple Taggart McDowell alleges that when her father introduced her to Trump, the real estate mogul kissed her on the mouth, and then later kissed her again in the same spot when McDowell visited Trump Tower for a tour.

Trump allegedly spent the 1993 White House Correspondent’s Dinner using very lewd language with regard to women. Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter recalled that Swedish model Vendela Kirsebom came to him incredibly upset after sitting next to Trump and implored to be seated at a different table.

“It seems that Trump had spent his entire time with her assaying the ‘tits’ and legs of the other female guests and asking how they measured up to those of other women, including his wife,” Carter wrote. “‘He is,’ she told me, in words that seemed familiar, “the most vulgar man I have ever met.'”

Trump is also accused of treating his female employees poorly. There are at least 20 lawsuits alleging that Trump and his managers “of discriminating against women, ignoring sexual harassment complaints and even participating in the harassment themselves.”

Trump reportedly had a habit of wanting women hired solely for their looks and nothing else.

Trump once quipped that he would date a 10 year-old a decade later. “I’ll be dating her in ten years,” Trump said in audio recovered from his CBS TV shows. “Can you believe it?”

Trump has denied the sexual allegations that he is accused of.

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