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Here We Go: Hillary To Be Interviewed By FBI Director

According to law enforcement officials, FBI Director James Comey and his team of investigators will soon interview Hillary Clinton for what could be a campaign ending investigation.

The report comes via David Shuster (from Al Jazeera America, which apparently hasn’t completely shut its doors yet), who spoke to officials involved with the case. According to the sources, the FBI has concluded its lengthy examination of Clinton’s unapproved, unsecured private server and its thousands of classified emails and they, along with Justice Department prosecutors, are now ready to meet with The Inevitable One herself.

The FBI and Justice Department plan to conduct a series of interviews over the “next few days and weeks” which will include Clinton and a few of her former and current aides, including Cheryl Mills and Philippe Reines.

Shuster stresses that the interviews will come soon and that the sources say Clinton’s interview “could be crucial”:

Because there is now every sign the Clinton email investigation is quickly headed towards a conclusion, whether it’s her exoneration or indictment. In terms of timing, sources expect the conclusion to come in weeks, not months. And they add that Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI, which could come in days, could be crucial.

Though Clinton has continually attempted to dismiss her national security-threatening actions as a harmless oversight and the investigation as a politically motivated attack, her aspirations to be the first female President of the United States could very well be determined in the coming days.

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