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Here Are The Messages Alleged ‘Sex Slave Cult’ Leader Allison Mack Sent To Emma Watson And Kelly Clarkson

By  James Barrett

Following the arrest of two of the leaders of the group, more disturbing details have come to light about the NXIVM (“Nexium”) cult of Keith Raniere, whom his followers called “The Vanguard.” One of Raniere’s alleged victims-turned-victimizers, “Smallville” actress Allison Mack, was reportedly one of the cult’s primary recruiters and eventually headed-up Raniere’s secret “sex slave” sorority. Newly-resurfaced tweets by Mack show her attempts to lure fellow female entertainers into the cult through personal appeals and feminist rhetoric.

One of Mack’s more high-profile targets was Emma Watson, whom Mack messaged twice in 2016, appealing to Watson’s much-publicized feminism. In the first message, Mack describes the sorority she leads — which authorities say used brainwashing, blackmail and torture to keep women loyal — as “an amazing women’s movement.”

“I’m a fellow actress like yourself & involved in an amazing women’s movement I think you’d dig. I’d love to chat if you’re open,” Mack tweeted the “Harry Potter” star in January 2016. About a month later, Mack again reached out to Watson: “I participate in a unique human development & women’s movement I’d love to tell you about. As a fellow actress I can relate so well to your vision and what you want to see in the world. I think we could work together. Let me know if you’re willing to chat.”

As The Daily Mail points out, Mack also reached out to singer Kelly Clarkson a few years earlier. Mack kept her invitation extremely vague, simply saying she’d love to “chat sometime.”

“I heard through the grapevine that you’re a fan of Smallville. I’m a fan of yours as well! I’d love to chat sometime,” she tweeted Clarkson in July 2013.

Another famous figure once connected to Raniere’s group was Mack’s fellow “Smallville” star Kristin Kreuk, who says she was never involved in the “inner circle” and got out of the group before Raniere and Mack began to implement the sadistic practices in the cult’s exclusive “sex slave” sorority.

Last week, the New York Post reported that Mack had been arrested and was scheduled to appear in a federal court in Brooklyn on Friday. Her arrest came about three weeks after Raniere was tracked down by authorities to his $10,000-a-week villa near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

According to Frank Parlato, a former spokesman for NXIVM-turned-whistleblower, Mack served as a “key recruiter” for the cult and helped hand-select the sex slaves for Raniere. Along with various brainwashing and blackmailing techniques, the group (at one point called “DOS,” for “dominant over submissive”) branded Raniere’s slaves on their pelvic region with “KR” and “AM,” the initials of Raniere and Mack. Here is an image of one of those brands from Parlato’s website, “Frank Report“:

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Read more about the cult here.

Below are screenshots of Mack’s tweets:

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