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Promising Pro-Life Wins In Alabama, West Virginia

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Tuesday night, the people of Alabama and West Virginia voted for major victories for the unborn.

In Alabama, voters approved an amendment to the state’s constitution affirming that the unborn have a right to life.

As reported by LifeNews, “The proposed constitutional amendment asked voters to ‘affirm that it is the public policy of this state to recognize and support the sanctity of unborn life and the rights of unborn children, most importantly the right to life in all manners and measures appropriate and lawful.’ The amendment also would guarantee that ‘the constitution of this state does not protect the right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.'”

Alabamans were undeterred by the whopping $1.5 million that abortion giant Planned Parenthood and its allies poured into the state to defeat the amendment.

As noted by Yellow Hammer, the amendment clarifies that Alabama “does not support taxpayer dollars being spent to fund abortions.”

In West Virginia, voters approved an amendment to their state constitution, which could end the practice of taxpayers funding elective abortions.

“West Virginians tonight approved a constitutional amendment that makes it clear that their state does not recognize abortion as a ‘right.’ The Amendment One ballot measure passed the state legislature in March, and West Virginians just voted for it on their state ballot,” reports LifeNews.

“Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion,” the West Virginia Constitution will now state, per the amendment’s passing.

“If Amendment 1 is ratified by the voters in November, then West Virginia will join 33 other states and the federal government in limiting taxpayer funding of abortion,” explained West Virginians For Life Legislative Liaison Karen Cross.

According to LifeNews, the people of West Virginia have shelled out some $10 million for abortions; taxpayers funded a stunning 1,560 abortions in 2017 alone.

Sixteen other states, including Oregon, currently force their citizens to fund elective abortions. Unfortunately, Oregonians voted on Tuesday night to reaffirm the state’s practice of forcing taxpayers to fund elective abortions by a 2-1 margin via Measure 106.

Tuesday night also brought in and secured major pro-life shifts in Texas, with the reelection of Sen. Ted Cruz; in North Dakota, with the Senate defeat of Heidi Heitkamp; in Indiana, with the defeat of Democrat Joe Donnelly (who claimed to be pro-life) by an actual pro-life candidate; in Missouri, with the defeat of former Sen. Claire McCaskill; and in Tennessee, with the staunch pro-life Republican Marsha Blackburn winning a seat in the Senate.

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