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How Did ‘The Last Jedi’ Do At The Box Office? Here Are All The Records It ALMOST Broke.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” broke several box office records over the weekend — well, almost. In fact, it fell just short of meeting or surpassing six records, including best preview box office, best single-day box office, and best opening weekend box office. The film that topped “The Last Jedi” in all of the categories was, unsurprisingly, its 2015 prequel, “The Force Awakens.”

Despite the jaw-dropping numbers, the newest Star Wars installment seems to have resonated more with critics than fans, at least according to the Tomatometer, which gives it a “certified fresh” 93% from the critics but a rather dismal 56% with fans. Below are all the nearly historic numbers for “Last Jedi” courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

Second-largest preview box office. “Last Jedi” took in a stellar $45 million in its Thursday night preview showings, which is second only to “Force Awakens,” which brought in $57 million.

Second-largest opening day. With an opening day of $105 million, “Last Jedi” is again second only to its sequel, which pulled in a jaw-dropping $119 million.

Second-largest Friday. That $105 million is likewise the second-largest Friday all-time.

Tied for fastest to $100 million. So far, only “Force Awakens” and “Last Jedi” have managed to earn $100 million in a single day. Nearly two dozen films, including “Jurassic World,” “Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” managed the feat in two days.

Second largest opening weekend. The estimated $220 million opening weekend of “Last Jedi” is about $28 million short of its sequel, which pulled in $248 million. Only two other films have earned over $200 million on opening weekend: “Jurassic World” ($209 million) and “Avengers” ($207 million).

Third largest grossing weekend. Box Office Mojo lists the aggregated weekend gross for “Last Jedi” as third overall at $270.5 million, with “Force Awakens” taking first and second, $305.5 and $281 million, respectively.

A comparison of “The Last Jedi” with other $200+ million openers suggests a final box office draw worth anywhere from 3 to 3.8 times the opening weekend, or $660 to $836 million. Box Office Mojo estimates somewhere in the range of $750 to $830, but the negative response from viewers so far suggests that the film might end up falling on the lower end of the estimate.

“Last Jedi” performed well overseas, grabbing an estimated $230 million, without China, where it opens on January 5. Even without China, the film landed the fifth best global opening weekend of all time with an estimated $450 million.


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