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‘HE’LL BE IN A HOME’: Trump Unloads On Biden, Offers ‘Advice’ For Gaffes
US President Donald Trump speaks during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center February 29, 2020 in National Harbor, Maryland.
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

While addressing a large crowd at CPAC on Saturday, President Donald Trump hit Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden over his routine (largely media-ignored) gaffes.

Trump mocked Biden for repeatedly flubbing the name of the state he’s campaigning in and his glaring gun control gaffe during a recent Democratic presidential debate; the former VP falsely claimed 150 million (roughly half the country) were killed through gun violence since 2007.

“How could you be easier to beat than Joe? The guy can’t put two sentences together,” Trump told the young crowd, as reported by Fox News.

If Biden were to win, he wouldn’t actually be “running the government,” the president continued. “He’s just going to be sitting in a home someplace and people are going to be running it for him.”

The POTUS then ripped into the media for downplaying Biden’s gun violence gaffe, adding that if he were to make such a remark, it would be “over.”

“Here’s a guy who said they killed 150 million people with guns and nobody even talks about it,” Trump said.

“If I would have said that, it would have been over,” he continued. “You know, it only takes one little phrase for me, like a little couple of words. If you mispronounce a word, you know with all I speak, they say if you pronounce the word ‘the.’ ‘The!’ ‘He said “the.”‘ If you mispronounce ‘the,’ ‘There’s something going on.'”

Recalling the moment he heard Biden make the false claim, Trump said he turned to his wife and joked that the “fake news” never reported on this “terrible event.”

“Did he just say they killed 150 million people?” Trump said. “That’s half of our population, this is terrible event! We have to find out what’s going on. This is bad. This wasn’t reported by the fake news! I’ve gotta check that, First Lady.”

Following the debate, Trump said he was amazed the media said Biden’s debate performance was “great.”


Trump also mocked Biden for mixing up the names of the states he campaigns in, offering his competitor some friendly advice.

“You know what you can do? You write down the name of the state that you’re speaking in,” Trump said, gesturing to the paper on the podium before him. “And when you’re gonna say the word, you look down!”

“The one time [Biden] said, ‘Iowa,’ and they said, ‘No, no, Idaho,'” the president mocked. “He said, ‘Didn’t I say that?’ They said, ‘No, no.’ He thought they were the same!”

Biden was asked to respond to Trump’s remarks on Sunday during a Fox News interview with host Chris Wallace. A smiling Biden mockingly called Trump a “stable genius” and said Trump can’t do anything right, as far as he can see.


“A year from now, Joe Biden will have brought character, honor, and decency back to the White House,” said Biden spokesman Andrew Bates, according to Fox News. “He’ll be rebuilding the American middle class, fighting to give every American healthcare — instead of trying to cost millions their coverage — rallying the world against climate change, and reversing Donald Trump’s repugnant and un-American immigration policies. Donald Trump, on the other hand, will be ranting on Twitter about how Deutsche Bank is refusing to give him a loan for ‘Trump Tower Moscow: The Second Try.’”