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HBO ‘Wire’ Creator David Simon To Trump Haters: ‘Pick Up a Brick’

By  John Nolte

David Simon, creator of HBO’s widely-loved The Wire (and much-less loved Treme), is now using his exceptional writing skills to urge Trump opponents to “pick up a brick,” should the president decide to fire Robert Mueller, the already compromised and corrupted special prosecutor charged with investigating the deflating Russiagate hoax.

Using his verified Twitter account, Simon wrote, “If Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller and is allowed to do so, pick up a goddamn brick. That’s all that’s left to you.”

In response to those who condemned him for provoking violence, Simon belligerently responded with bigoted name-calling (“rubes”) and insults:

As a solution to their ongoing problem of not being able to win elections, Simon is just another in a disturbingly long line of examples of the Left’s increasing propensity towards and comfort with violence. And you would think that if anyone would know better, it would be the man who dedicated five seasons of The Wire to reveal the heartbreaking cost of violence in the crumbling city of Baltimore.

Oh, and Simon is also lying.

In a democracy, violence is never “all that is left to you.”

But he knows that.

He’s just butthurt.

The beauty of America is that there is always a solution to political problems outside of violence, which is to convince, organize and vote. You can change the system, you can right wrongs. The democratic process might not give you what you want overnight (the system is set up to be slow and thoughtful — thank heaven), but it is there.

What did Republicans do in the face of Barry Obama’s ongoing corruption, lies, and fascistic pen and phone? What did we do when Barry took our insurance, flooded our country with illegal Democrats, weaponized the IRS against us, left Americans to die in Benghazi, ran guns into Mexico, and delivered billions of dollars in pallets of cash to our enemies in Iran? What did we do in the face of a corrupt national political media that either championed Barry’s illegality or outright covered it up?

There was no violence from us. Instead we organized through ridiculously peaceful means like the Tea Party. And then we voted, voted, voted some more, and then we eventually won EVERYTHING — the presidency and both chambers of Congress.

Of course, even though we won everything, Congress still won’t do anything… So, yeah, maybe picking up a brick isn’t such a bad idea.

I keed, I keed.

Hey, if Republicans don’t get off their cowardly asses and start passing Trump’s legislation, the cost will be devastating; it will probably be another hundred years before they again run all three branches of government. Because that is how the system works. If anything, violence is counterproductive in America, and calling for violence, as Simon has, only serves to reveal his petulant ignorance. But it actually does serve one important purpose…

When anyone, but most especially multimillionaire Hollywood elites (who will never feel the fallout of their crybaby nihilism), call for violence, they once again prove the infinite wisdom of our Founding Fathers, those who had the foresight to ensure in the Second Amendment our God-given right to protect ourselves from a limousine liberal’s mindless horde of brick-throwers.

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