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HAMMER: The Democratic Party Has Become A Parody Of Itself
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Last night, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke doubled down, in rather colorful fashion, on his vow to confiscate from law-abiding Americans their cherished rifles whose cosmetically amorphous and technically undefinable features lead leftists to peculiarly label them so-called “assault weapons.” “Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” O’Rourke said to enthusiastic audience applause, as The Daily Wire’s James Barrett reported.

Last night, furthermore, communist loonbag Bernie Sanders and demagogic harridan Elizabeth Warren each doubled down in their joint defense of a one-size-fits-all socialized medicine national health care takeover that would, in the estimate of fellow 2020 presidential contender Amy Klobuchar, strip over 140 million Americans of their privately held health insurance plans. Joe Biden, the purported “moderate” in this hellish menagerie, parroted last night the “no one will lose his doctor under Obamacare” ruse — a ruse, that is, which was literally exposed by left-leaning PolitiFact as its 2013 “Lie of the Year” with respect to the very underlying health care plan Biden now haplessly touts.

All of this, of course, came precisely two primary debates after open-borders zealot Julian Castro decided to hail the pagan glory that is abortion for “trans females” — which would be biological men who subjectively feel as if they are women. The careful reader — or really anyone who has ever opened a biology textbook — will note that a member of the human species with both X and Y chromosomes, otherwise known as a man, cannot possibly procure an abortion even if he desires to do so. Yet we are still reliably informed that the Democrats, who have never seen a statist economic program they didn’t tendentiously glom onto under the hectoring veneer of “climate change,” are the Party of Science™.

I am not sure if the Democrats are the Party of Science. But I do know that the modern Democratic Party, which promotes youngsters who would’ve been right at home in the Soviet Politburo and remains emphatically in the throes of its leftist base, has not merely become fundamentally unfit to govern the United States of America. It has also become an utter parody of its very self.

For decades, Republicans have mocked Democratic anti-gun proposals by calling them “gun grabbers.” Now, Beto O’Rourke is literally promoting — and fundraising off of! — his proposal to forcibly confiscate the firearms of tens of millions of peaceful, law-abiding gun owners. In sabotaging his own party, O’Rourke has outed the Democratic id for the masses to see — and boy, is it ugly.

For years if not decades, Republicans have ridiculed Democratic health care proposals by asserting their pie-in-the-sky pipe dreams on socializing medicine would inevitably lead to the stripping away of private health insurance for tens of millions of Americans. Now, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, two of the top three contenders for the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nomination, are advocating for precisely that. A major political party entertained a genuine policy debate last night on the efficacy and morality of eradicating the health insurance plans of over 140 million Americans. Think about that for a second.

For years, Republicans have sneered at Democrats that their anti-biology crusade in the realm of normalizing “transgenderism” was, ultimately, untenable. Biology, many conservatives have told their Party of Science™ counterparts, is immutable. Now, Julian Castro advocates pagan-esque unborn child sacrifice for Moloch for a “class” of human beings who are biologically incapable of bearing children. Contemporary fealty to political correctness apparently demands such devout obeisance to the LGBTQ+ alphabet soup lobby such that science itself must be subordinated and shunned.

We are truly through the looking-glass.

Forget The Onion. Forget The Babylon Bee. Parody is here, and its name is the Democratic Party.

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