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HAMMER: BAD TRUMP: President’s Dismissal Of John Bolton Is A Capitulation To Terrorist Iranian Regime
Rouhani's photo set behind image of weapons in Iran

In 2016, We the People were promised “America First” — not “America’s Enemies First.”


Today, President Donald Trump, in what can only be described as a woefully myopic move straight out of the Barack Obama-John Kerry-Ben Rhodes axis of capitulation playbook, effectively fired longtime Iran hawk John Bolton from his lofty perch of national security advisor. The boneheaded move, which closely follows the fallout of the president’s aborted Camp David dalliance with Taliban jihadist thugs, comes at a time when the Trump administration has been publicly doubling down in its alleged commitment to the goal of “maximum pressure” on the terrorist Iranian regime. Evincing the message discipline of a woebegone high-schooler, though, the president has combined such purported commitment to “maximum pressure” with his ceaseless sycophancy toward and expressed desire to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Bolton, who is infamously hawkish on the issue of jihadism and radical Islamic terror, strongly opposed the president’s dovish overtures on the Taliban and Rouhani alike. Such opposition, even amidst the purported “maximum pressure” campaign, appears to have cost Bolton his job.

Talk about cutting off one’s nose to spite the face. But hey — at least failed novelist and Iran nuclear deal architect Ben Rhodes is happy, right?

Today is a sad day for those firm opponents of the genocidal brand of Islamist jihadism that has been in a state of war against the West for at least a century. Today will be remembered as a shattering blow struck in the years-long cold civil war on the foreign policy — that between those hawks (even if “non-interventionist” hawks) who soberly assess the threat of radical Islamism, and those whose quixotic predilections toward ideological isolationism at any and all costs leads them to effectively shill for Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and so many other of the world’s unabashedly despotic regimes. Today is a loss for “maximum pressure” on Iran, a loss for Israel, a loss for Saudi Arabia and all of America’s other Sunni allies, and a loss for a free and secure West. Today is a victory for the increasingly ascendant Tucker Carlson wing of the foreign policy — an adamantly isolationist wing whose proper negative reaction to the excesses of Bush-era interventionist neoconservatism gone awry has led them to such extremes so as to make common cause with America-hating leftists in their joint pursuit of an emboldened Moscow-Tehran-Damascus axis of evil. Today is a victory for the fifth column Deep State lackeys who have so effectively helped derail “maximum pressure”:

The ramifications of Bolton’s ouster are potentially tragic. The jihadist regime in Tehran, augmented as it now is, will feel even more unrestrained to violate the symbolic tatters of the Iran nuclear deal. Turkey and Saudi Arabia will expedite their nuclear bombmaking processes as part of their efforts to deter these newly unrestrained hegemonic ambitions of the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism. Israel will feel increasingly isolated and increasingly willing to take unilateral action against Iranian nuclear facilities. Perhaps most distressingly, the United States has now once again shown — in true Obama-esque fashion — that it is less willing to protect its allies and is less willing to stand manifestly athwart its arch-foes.

Capitulations to genocidal tyrants have a long historical pedigree of working out precisely against the capitulators’ expressed interests. Just ask Neville Chamberlain.

A U.S. official with direct knowledge of the situation was exasperated by Bolton’s firing, exclusively telling The Daily Wire: “Trump is so thirsty for a meeting with Iran. It’s embarrassing. He was told that Iran will meet with him, but only if he throws Bolton under the bus. Bolton found out first and resigned so he could go out on his own terms. The worry is that now Trump has no one to save him from himself.”

Spot-on. Bad, bad, bad Trump.