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HAHAHAHAHAHA: Poll – Public Sees Trump As MUCH More Truthful Than Media

I looked, and there before me was a pale horse. Its rider was named Death.

Yesterday, our national media’s pale horse came in the form of polls, which proved the American people “love” President Trump’s executive orders. By an extraordinary margin of 55% to 33%, they especially love his refugee pause. Today’s pale horse comes in the form of an Emerson poll that shows Trump is more trusted than the media. In fact, on this particular issue, he beats them by double digits.

A full 49% of those polled see Trump as truthful, 48% disagree. Those are numbers our media would kill for, because only 39% find the media truthful, while a whopping majority of 53% see the media as untruthful.

While Trump is +1 point on the issue of honesty, the MSM is -14 points.

Moreover, by double digits, a full +10 points, the public sees Trump as more honest.

Believe it or not, it gets better…

Politico’s Jack Shafer– Wait, let me start over… The left-wing Politico’s left-wing Jack Shafter accidentally made an excellent point about this particular poll. In an effort to wish away the results into a cornfield, Shafer pointed out that the poll was “landlines only.”

Shafer is correct but wrong in his assumption that this fact undermines a poll that likely cost him some sleep last night.

Recently, a study showed that Trump polls considerably worse in landline-only polls. The president polls, on average, about +4 points higher with online polls that offer anonymity. This is called the “Shy Voter Effect,” the theory being that 1) Trump supporters so distrust the media, they refuse to talk to pollsters. 2) Trump has been so toxified, some are embarrassed to admit their support.

Oh, and the study in question was published just last week by Shafer’s own employer.

Finally, the Emerson poll is perfectly in line with other polls that show trust in media at historic lows.

Now we get to the fun part…

I know it’s never easy to put yourself in the place of a serial-lying fascist with no soul, but for just a moment, try to imagine you’re a member of the national media… What has been your primary goal for the last 18 months? What crusade have you tirelessly fought? What goal has engulfed your very existence? What brass ring has cost you your health, peace of mind, time with family, and self-respect? What abiding passion has so stressed and anguished you that your face has been twisted into this…

We all know the answer: the quest to destroy Trump by destroying his credibility.

Billions of dollars. Legions of fact-checkers. Oceans of ink. Cable news hours that add up to hundreds of years. Millions of words spewed by armies of solemn-toned anchors. Coordination between competing news outlets that makes the invasion of Normandy look like a pie fight. Seventy-six(!) gobsmacking lies told, most of them in pursuit of this goal. And what’s the result…?

Humiliation. Total failure.

In a 50/50 country, Trump holds his half.

And the media, an institution with unlimited resources and reach, an institution that has been stridently obsessed for months in the fight for its own honor and credibility, has once again lost to The Donald, The Birther, The Nazi, The Crazy, The Man No One Should Ever Take Seriously.

Never in my life have I seen the MSM as demoralized and tormented as they are today. They are losing bigly to a man they despise. And you can see every bit of this suffering in their shattered, dying eyes.

With no moral authority, no ability to sway to public opinion, no credibility, all they have left is the cool, comfort of their own lies — which are only a temporary vacation, a pyrrhic fix. Because due to the loss of their monopoly on the truth, the bill for those lies always comes due.

These pathetic cretins are so bubbled, so blinded by the shiny love they hold for their own image, some truly see themselves as champions astride a white horse.

But that horse is not white, it is pale.

And the rider is truly named Death, because what we are witnessing is a glorious suicide.

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