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This Guy Just Got Expelled From College For NOT Raping His Girlfriend

The war on women is so rampant on college campuses these days that men are now literally being expelled from school for not raping their girlfriend. What a tough place to be a woman.

If you’re thinking there has to be some gray area here, that’s simply not the case. Student-athlete Grant Neal was expelled from Colorado State University-Pueblo for allegedly sexually assaulting his girlfriend, a student and female athletic trainer at the school. But Neal was never so much as accused of sexual misconduct as his girlfriend explicitly stated over and over that their relationship was consensual, reports Reason. “I’m fine and I wasn’t raped,” she explicitly stated.

Neal is currently in litigation with the school he convincingly claims deprived him of “fundamental due process rights” along with denial of “sexual agency to an adult woman.”

The student-athlete was expelled from the school (the school calls this a “suspension,” for over a year…) after allegations over “presumed” sexually misconduct surfaced from another trainer at the school when she found out about the consensual relationship between Neal and “Jane Doe,” his girlfriend at the time.

“In the fall of 2015, Neal was a sophomore at CSUP: he and Doe became good friends and eventually developed romantic feelings for each other,” notes Reason. “On October 23, they went to the movies together. Afterward, they kissed and engaged in consensual sexual behavior. They did so the following evening as well. These were not drunken hookups: these were mutually-agreed upon encounters,” per the lawsuit.

A hickey on Doe’s neck was then noticed by the other trainer, the “Complainant.” “When confronted, Doe confessed to the Complainant that she and Dean had engaged in sex. The Complainant then ‘presumed’ the sex was nonconsensual, and reported it to the director of the athletic training program.”

Doe came out repeatedly for the defense of Neal, whom she was still romantically seeing at the time. But it didn’t matter. Once the Title IX office caught wind of the baseless and refuted allegation, Doe was treated as a child, seemingly delusional over her own claims and incapable of making her own sexual choices, (an idea the Left ironically claims to champion). Neal was expelled and the investigation was on track full steam ahead with no brakes.

Here’s a message Doe sent to Neal following the accusation by the Complainant: “One of the other Athletic Training students screwed me over!…She went behind my back and told my AT advisor stuff that wasn’t true!!! I’m trying so hard to fix it all.”

Following the message, Doe and Neal met in person; without Doe aware, Neal recorded their conversation. “This audio recording further establishes that their sex was consensual,” states Reason. “While in Neal’s presence, Doe fielded a phone call from a coordinator of the athletic training program and stated ‘I’m fine and I wasn’t raped.’ She then called her mother and told her the same thing.”

Doe and her mother even “pressed administration” to drop the matter after Doe explained that the sex was consensual. No such luck.

There’s even more rebutting of the allegation from Doe. She reportedly told another administration official, “Our stories are the same and he’s a good guy. He’s not a rapist, he’s not a criminal, it’s not even worth any of this hoopla!”

And more. Here are messages sent from Doe to Neal after the school implemented a “reciprocal no-contact order”:

“I miss you & care about you so much Grant [Neal]! Everything will work out…I promise”

“I hope you know I still care about you so much! I’m trying so hard to fix this… you don’t deserve any of this. I just wanna talk to you again… I’m sooooo SORRY!” I hope that you are okay. I’m so worried. I’m so sorry! I’m so upset they did this.”

Neal officially filed the lawsuit against CSUP on Tuesday. Neal’s lawyer, Andrew Miltenberg, sees misconduct not only by the school, but “the federal government’s illiberal guidance to universities to police sexual assault without any respect for due process.”

“From the outset, Grant Neal was presumed guilty of sexual misconduct based on nothing more than hearsay and his own male gender,” stated Miltenberg. “In violation of the University’s own self-imposed policies and my client’s fundamental rights to due process, the University required Grant to prove his innocence, rather than requiring the University to prove his guilt. This case illustrates the impact the Administration’s ‘Dear Colleague’ letter has had in creating a deeply-flawed process for sexual misconduct investigations — as well as an inherent male gender bias — at colleges and universities throughout the country.”

“I’m fine and I wasn’t raped.”

-Jane Doe

Neal, unfortunately, is a victim of a severely exaggerated “rape culture” thrust onto college campuses based on skewed (at best) data. The student-athlete engaged in a consensual relationship with another student and wound up suffering from what is likely irreversible damage to his reputation and an expulsion from his own college without so much as due process—or a real accusation against him.