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Gutless GOP Leaders Legitimize Antifa’s Political Terrorism

By  John Nolte

What do Democrats, the mainstream media, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, John McCain, and Marco Rubio all have in common? All have publicly joined together to legitimize Antifa, a leftwing terrorist group dedicated to silencing and crushing the political Right.

At first, in order to protect and inspire Antifa, to keep their shock troops safely under the radar as they mobilized across the country with the explicit intent of using violence to disrupt or cancel free speech events, the media chose to ignore Antifa, or chalked up their organized violence to spontaneous protests.

Even after the horror shows Antifa produced in Berkeley, Chicago, San Jose, Washington DC, at various Trump events, Saturday in Charlottesville (against white supremacists) and Sunday in Seattle (against everyday Trump supporters), the media fought to ignore them as a means to keep the narrative focused on Antifa’s targets, as a means to justify the violence these targets “provoked.”

And this is why — listen closely now — this is why the media sh*t itself this week when Trump stood before the world and doubled down — not only on his condemnation of white nationalists, but on what he correctly described as the violent “alt-left.”

And so the gaslighting began.

The media not only defended Antifa as something noble (see: CNN); not only compared Antifa to D-Day soldiers; but through the use of straight-up lies, they sought to toxify Trump’s words in the hopes that by doing so, no one would listen to what he really said.

For instance, the media claims Trump called white supremacists “fine people,” even though he very clearly and precisely distinguished between white nationalists and people of good faith opposed to removing Confederate monuments.

For obvious reasons, though, the true gaslighting has been centered on justifying Antifa’s terrorism. The media actually wants us to believe our own eyes are lying to us. Even though we all saw the police stand idly by as the masked and armed-with-clubs Antifa were given physical access to their target, even though this protest (as despicable as it was) was peaceful before Antifa arrived, to avoid being branded as racist, we are required to be “correct,” to lie with absolute conviction that this did not happen and that only one side is responsible for the violence.

And now we get to the truly frightening part, acts of moral cowardice from so-called leaders of the Republican Party, acts of fecklessness unlike any we have ever before seen — which is saying a lot when you are talking about the GOP.

Little Marco is not only validating and legitimizing Antifa, he, a sitting United States Senator, is justifying political violence, justifying terrorism.

You see, this is how it works…

1. In city after city, Democrat politicians order the police to stand down, which allows…

2. The leftwing Antifa terrorists access to peaceful protesters.

3. Finally in Charlottesville the Left’s goal is achieved. A horrible thing happens, a woman is killed by a white nationalist using his car as a murder weapon.

4. Finally, after numerous tries in numerous cities, the Left and the national media now believe it has license to do whatever it takes to destroy their political foes on the Right.

5. The Washington Post publishes an editorial justifying violence.

6. Gutless, morally illiterate, power-hungry establishment Republicans validate numbers 1-5.

Good God, what will #7 be?

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