Gun Rights Group Blasts Biden For Forthcoming ‘Tyrannical’ Gun Orders: We’ll ‘Spare No Expense’ To Defeat You

"Joe Biden knows he cannot beat gun owners in Congress."
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Gun rights group Gun Owners of America (GOA) blasted President Joe Biden for his “unconstitutional” and “tyrannical” forthcoming gun control executive orders, which were previewed Wednesday.

In a fiery statement released Thursday, Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, promised that they’d “spare no expense to defeat Biden’s tyrannical agenda.”

“Gun Owners of America is wholeheartedly opposed to the unconstitutional gun control threatened today by President Biden – restrictions such as the attacks on homemade and brace equipped firearms and so-called ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation Orders,” the statement opened.

“Joe Biden knows he cannot beat gun owners in Congress. Instead, he’s circumventing the legislative process to impose his own tyrannical vision by executive fiat,” Pratt went on.

“GOA is committed to the defense of gun owners, their pistol-braced firearms, do-it-yourself firearm kits, unserialized homemade firearms, as well as any other lawfully-purchased, constitutionally protected items the Biden Administration proposes to criminalize or confiscate,” the statement continued. “GOA’s grassroots members are primed and ready to fight back against whatever Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment violations Joe Biden is cooking up with his state-level so-called ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation Order proposal.”

The gun rights group also criticized Biden for tapping anti-gun lobbyist David Chipman to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

“GOA is also shocked at the brazen decision to nominate a registered anti-gun lobbyist to be Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives,” Pratt said. “David Chipman’s anti-constitutional lobbying career clearly disqualifies him from holding public office.”

“GOA will spare no expense to defeat Biden’s tyrannical agenda and will rally gun owners and Second Amendment supporters nationwide to defend the right to keep and bear arms,” the statement closed.

Biden on Wednesday previewed six forthcoming “actions” in relation to his expected gun control executive orders.

“President Biden is reiterating his call for Congress to pass legislation to reduce gun violence,” the White House said in a statement. “Last month, a bipartisan coalition in the House passed two bills to close loopholes in the gun background check system. Congress should close those loopholes and go further, including by closing ‘boyfriend’ and stalking loopholes that currently allow people found by the courts to be abusers to possess firearms, banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, repealing gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability, and investing in evidence-based community violence interventions. Congress should also pass an appropriate national ‘red flag’ law, as well as legislation incentivizing states to pass ‘red flag’ laws of their own.”

“But this Administration will not wait for Congress to act to take its own steps – fully within the Administration’s authority and the Second Amendment – to save lives,” the Biden administration said, announcing six new gun control actions, including crackdowns on so-called “ghost guns” and boosting “red flags” laws.

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