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Greta Thunberg On Black Friday: ‘Don’t Buy Stuff You Don’t Need’
Greta Thunberg, climate activist, reacts during a news conference on the closing day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, on Friday, Jan. 24, 2020.
Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

On Friday, teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg issued a warning and directive to shoppers on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the calendar: “Don’t buy stuff you don’t need.”

Thunberg also took note it was time for children to skip something they do need — education — by tweeting, “School strike week 119. Today is black Friday. Overconsumption is wrecking present and future living conditions and the planet itself. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need.”

Thunberg has described her role as an activist as committing to “hold[ing] the older generations accountable.”

In December 2018, Thunberg told CNN, “And we young people need to say that we must hold the older generations accountable for the mess they have created and expects us to live with. And say to them that we cannot continue risking our future like this. And so, we need to get angry and then we need to transform that anger into action.”

In April 2019, addressing the European Parliament, she lectured European politicians about climate change with apocalyptic passion, telling them they should indeed “panic.”

Thunberg stated, “I want you to act as if the house is on fire. I have said those words before, and a lot of people have explained why that is a bad idea. A great number of politicians have told me that panic never leads to anything good, and I agree. To panic, unless you have to, is a terrible idea. But when your house is on fire and you want to keep your house from burning to the ground, then that does require some level of panic …”

She warned, “Around the year 2030, ten years, 259 days, and ten hours away from now, we will be in a position where we set off an irreversible chain reaction that will most likely lead to the end of our civilization as we know it. That is, unless, in that time, permanent and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society have taken place … We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, and the extinction rate is up to ten thousand times faster than what is considered normal with up to 200 species becoming extinct every single day.”

As The Daily Wire noted in March, a survey found that children have been suffering anxiety from the grim pronouncements that Thunberg and other climate-change activists have made:

A new study on “climate anxiety” found that famed child activist Greta Thunberg is not the only young person who has suffered from severe stress as a result of taking dire predictions about the planet by climate alarmists to heart.

“Climate anxiety: Survey for BBC Newsroundshows children losing sleep over climate change and the environment,” the BBC Newsround report on its survey of 2,000 eight to sixteen-year-olds declares.

“Do you feel optimistic, worried or uncertain?” the report begins. “We at Newsround know young people are passionate about the environment, so we wanted to find out more about how you feel about climate change and what’s being done to tackle it. We also wanted to know how you felt about the impact changes to the environment could have on your future.”

Following that rather anxiety-promoting intro, Newsround highlights its survey’s findings, and, unsurprisingly, they’re packed with worry, frustration, concern, and fear.

Young people, Newsround explains, “are frustrated and anxious about what’s happening.” A majority (58%) of the 2,000 children Newsround interviewed told them that they were worried about the impact of global warming on their futures, and about one out of every five of them (19%) have even had nightmares about it. About the same percentage of the children (17%) said their sleeping and eating habits have been affected by their fears about climate change, as the Independent notes.

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