Greg Gutfeld Says Leftists ‘Dismantling The Things That Society Desperately Needs To Hold Us Together’
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - SEPTEMBER 27: Greg Gutfeld is seen on the set of Candace on September 27, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will air on Tuesday, September 29th. (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)
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Greg Gutfeld said Monday that the policies progressives are pushing all across the country would result in “dismantling the things that society desperately needs to hold us together.”

During Fox News’ juggernaut panel show “The Five,” the co-hosts were discussing the fact that “America’s crime crisis” didn’t take a break over the Easter holiday weekend — resulting in three mass shootings — one in Pittsburgh, where two teenagers were left dead and 11 people were injured after gunmen opened fire at an Airbnb party — and two separate shootings in South Carolina that left a combined total of 18 people wounded.

“A judge causing outrage after setting a $25,000 bond and supervision for a suspect charged in one of the shootings which will allow him to travel to and from work while wearing an ankle monitor,” co-host Dana Perino pointed out, noting that the policies in place were not helping reduce crime.

“Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams putting the pressure on woke laws that put dangerous criminals back onto the street,” she added, noting how “progressive policies” were getting “called out” for the crime wave “ripping across the country.”

“The mayor says that on the Sunday show, that leading into the summer, that he has a choice to make,” Perino continued, noting how Adams can either “side with the victims and the people of the city that want more security” or with “these woke Democrats.”


“We went from Christ has risen to crime has risen,” Gutfeld shared.  “It’s not about crime, it’s about the recidivism. I mean the thing is the crime would go down if you stopped letting the people out that were committing the crimes. I think that’s where we’ve run into this problem when we look at every suspect in these crimes, and they have just like a paper trail and then you start to think, and all of these arenas of society whether it’s crime or education, the border, there’s a rejection of systems, and structure and process.”

“We used to be okay with that but then we started talking about the systemic problems, and we started taking apart these processes and that’s really bad for a society that naturally decays, we’re already entropic, we’re already get older,” he added. “Things fall apart, that is why you have prisons, and you have laws, you have borders, and you have standards.”

“And now we’re basically saying that the same sensible rules and laws that we have for everybody are now not for everybody because we have these systemic bigotry, the systemic racism,” Gutfeld continued. “So we’ve reduced, in some ways eliminated, disincentives for crime and then crime goes up. So, you have somebody who is now a shooting suspect who’s in house arrest.”

The Fox News host said these progressive policies have “eliminated one disincentive which is prison” and said that a person might now think the “risk to commit crime” might not be so bad “if the worst thing you are going to get” is stuck at home with your ankle bracelet.

“So that’s the issue, the issue here is that we are dismantling the things that society desperately needs to hold us together,” Gutfeld shared.

Judge Jeanine Pirro called the progressive policies “absurd” and said the judges’ sentence was simply “a reflection of what we are in our society.”

Pirro said what the “left has done in the so-called social justice agenda” is “destroying this country.”

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