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Grateful Syrians React To Trump Strike: ‘I’ll Name My Son Donald’

On Thursday night, President Donald Trump ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles into a Syrian airfield in response to Bashar al-Assad’s gruesome chemical weapons attack on his own people earlier this week.

The responses within the United States were mixed: some praised the president for the decisive action they’ve longed for under a feckless “red-line”-drawing President Obama; others viewed the strike as a buckle to the “neo-cons,” sure to spur war with Russia. The responses in between involve real questions concerning constitutionality and the next steps of the administration.

The Syrian people who were tormented by their own government, though, were united in a response: Thank you, President Trump.

Michael Weiss of The Daily Beast and author of ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror shared responses from Syrians on his Twitter timeline, some of whom he said he’s used as sources in the past:

Captioning the tweet below, Weiss wrote, “Kassem, a friend and source for years, was gassed with sarin in 2013, only to live under a regime terror-famine thereafter.”

Weiss posted many other messages from grateful Syrians, which the author said was a “common response” to Trump’s action.

Other reporters posted similar reactions: