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GOP Rats Dump Trump Over Bill Clinton-Lite Behavior

The great mainstream media gotcha question of the week goes a little something like this, “Is what Donald Trump said in that ‘Access Hollywood’ audio really just locker room talk?” Well, let me answer: Yes, it is. What Trump said is disgusting and reprehensible locker room talk, but it is locker room talk just the same. Now at this point, that kind of answer allows bubbled pretty boys like Jake Tapper to virtue signal through dishonest hyper-literalism with, “Well, I have been in locker rooms and have never heard any such thing.”

Harumph. Harumph. Harumph.

Well, as a card carrying member of the Real World, I have. Heard such things. You don’t spend 20 years in the bill collector world and another five in Hollywood without hearing all kinds of sexual bragging, and, I should add, hearing it from both men and women. That doesn’t mean I participated in it. When it happens, all you can really do is smile awkwardly and kind of move away. That kind of talk makes me so squeamish I can’t even watch “Sex and the City.”

Yeah, I’m kind of a prude.

Hey, more might come out about Trump — enough that I might dump him, but as of now, let me say this…

When your country is at stake, losing like a gentleman is no virtue.

Let me also add this…

All Trump is guilty of is Bill Clinton-Lite behavior.

I happen to be one of those people who, throughout the 1990’s, watched in abject horror as Bill Clinton assumed the mantle of the presidency and remained there throughout two terms despite the widespread knowledge of his appalling behavior towards women. This includes a number of rape and assault accusations, too many extramarital affairs to count, abusing his power as the governor of Arkansas to have state troopers procure women, and a handful of sexual harassment charges, including one he settled for $850,000.

On top of that, Bill and Hillary Clinton abused their power to personally destroy his accusers both behind the scenes with whisper campaigns and on television, where James Carville attacked the likes of Paula Jones as trailer trash.

If that’s not enough, as president, Clinton had a sleazy affair with a very young subordinate in the Oval Office, and committed perjury in an effort to cover it up.

How in the world did he survive this?

Because Democrats stood with him. No one broke ranks. Whenever a Bimbo Eruption erupted, Democrats of all stripes sprayed out across the media spectrum and made the case for why Bill’s latest crime didn’t matter. They lied, they spun, they attacked their critics as self-righteous hypocrites, they did what they had to do to hold power.

I’m not in any way defending what Trump was caught saying, but come on.

And this is why we lose and lose and lose and lose.

These GOP rats jumping off the Trump Train are beyond pathetic and cowardly.

And we should all remember their names.

The good news is that even if Trump loses (which of course is more likely with the GOP rats fleeing), the existential fight, which is even bigger than the presidency, marches on.

To be fair, not all of them are cowards. Some prefer the status quo. Some prefer a Hillary Clinton presidency over having their trough rocked by a Change Agent like Trump.

Regardless, they can all burn in hell.

The good news is that even if Trump loses (which of course is more likely with the GOP rats fleeing), the existential fight, which is even bigger than the presidency, marches on. Trump is going nowhere in the war against the Ruling Class — and the useless, backstabbing, Vichy GOP is target number one. We will never win with these spineless, self-righteous appeasers at the helm.

At the ballot box, they have got to get got.

This is not the end, #NeverTrump. Not by a long shot.

Stay ungovernable, America.

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