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Playing Into Every Female Stereotype, Women At Google Stay Home After Memo For Emotional Reasons

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Some “upset” women in the echoing halls of Google decided to stay home from work after their feelings were hurt by a ten-page memorandum written by an anonymous employee who — trigger warning — acknowledged the general differences between men and women.

NPR reported that former Google employee Kelly Ellis said “some women who still work at the company stayed home on Monday because the memo made them ‘uncomfortable going back to work.'”

James Damore, who penned the politically incorrect memo, was canned by the corporation intolerant of viewpoint diversity on Monday for allegedly “perpetuating gender stereotypes.”

Ironically, the women too “upset” to go into work over a science and evidence-backed note are indeed playing into the worst gender stereotypes of all — the overly-emotional and irrational woman — and inadvertently proving what they are so fiercely attempting to deny: men and women are different.

(By the way, where’s the lynch mob for the NPR social media director spewing such hate speech?)

Although the memo is being maligned in the leftist media as “anti-woman,” that’s a deliberate distortion of the letter’s contents. Damore was simply addressing the social science that shows men and women, generally speaking, have different strengths and weaknesses. The former employee was trying to address the wrongheaded diversity policies at Google, explaining that some of the discrepancies in male-to-female ratios within the company were unlikely due to discrimination, but, instead, from nature.

As you might suspect, this was construed as not just WrongThink, or ambiguous “hate speech,” but heresy from within Google’s Church of Diversity; Damore was thusly excommunicated.

Read the letter here.

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