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God Isn’t Fixing The New York Daily News’ Circulation Crash

By  Pardes Seleh

In response to overwhelming economic failure and a dramatic drop in sales, The New York Daily News announced yesterday that it is lowering its newsstand price from $1.25 back to $1.00.

“As New York’s hometown paper, we look for every opportunity to bring our loyal readers the news they need at a lower price point,” Daily News CEO and president Bill Holiber announced in a press release.

Five years ago, 346,000 copies of the Daily News were sold at newsstands every day. Now that number has dropped to 130,000, a drop even more dramatic than reflected in the overall print newspaper industry. Mort Zuckerman, owner of the Daily News, tried to sell the newspaper last summer but failed to find a buyer, according to The Observer. A massive round of layoffs took place this past fall and photographers were offered buy-outs in December.

The newspaper, infamous for its rants against conservatives and often times religion, was recently criticized for a controversial headline, “God Isn’t Fixing This,” following a lethal shooting in San Bernardino this past fall.

In a corresponding article, the Daily News criticized Republicans for turning to God and prayer for support instead of vying for tighter gun control.

The Daily News’ Rich Schapiro wrote,“Prayers aren’t working … But after yet another mass shooting in America, GOP presidential contenders were conspicuously silent on the issue of gun control. Instead, the Republicans were preaching about prayer.” Schapiro went on to quote Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s tweet after the San Bernardino massacre, which included prayers sent out to the victims, their families, and the first responders in the incident.

Schapiro and his colleagues at the Daily News believe that the perfect solution to winning in a war is no guns, no God. They scoff at those who believe in prayer and protective weapons in times of trouble, but it seems they are the ones who most are in need of God’s assistance. In addition to being complete idiots, the Daily News team has successfully mastered losing God. The tabloid is now watching years of work disintegrate.

The Federalist brilliantly referenced a verse from Job 40:7 to summarize the Daily News‘ unraveling fate:

“Brace yourself like a man,” the Lord said. “I will question you. And you will answer me.”

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