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Go-Go Dancer Who Defended Trump At Gay Pride Parade Revealed As ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest

A gay go-go boy who has nice things to say about President Donald J. Trump has been selected as a houseguest for the 20th season of the CBS hit reality show Big Brother, which debuts on June 27.

JC Mounduix, 28, is a 4-foot, 8-inch tall professional dancer who describes himself as “a small guy in a big world.” At the L.A. Pride Parade earlier this month, he defended the president from the chorus of naysayers associated with the LGBT community.

“I’m just not going to be one of those ignorant people going around screaming, ‘Boo Trump’ and stuff when actually good things are going on right now for gay people thanks to him,” Mounduix told YouTube personality Austen Fletcher in a video that has generated more than 625,000 views.

“All gay people should focus exactly on what’s beneficial for us,” Mounduix continued while holding a rainbow flag symbolic of LGBT equality. “If we just go around screaming, ‘the president is bad, blah blah blah,’ that is not okay. Because why? Because Trump is pro-gay.”

The parade took place in West Hollywood, California, where Mounduix resides, and municipal politicians have attempted to convince constituents that Mr. Trump is a threat to the city’s sizeable gay populace through various publicity stunts.

One such gimmick, implemented in April 2016 by then-Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath, led to deceptive headlines which resulted in some residents erroneously believing that City Hall had the authority to ban Trump from West Hollywood. Since Hillary Clinton’s loss, other council members have alleged President Trump is a “Nazi” and a “fascist,” among other unsubstantiated accusations. The current mayor, John Duran, proclaimed May 23rd “Stormy Daniels Day” last month while Councilman John D’Amico presented the porn star/presumed extortionist with the official key to the city.

“Out of all of the chaos of the Trump administration, our own Lady Godiva appeared, on horseback,” Duran said in reference to Daniels. “And as you know, Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of England to protest injustice and taxes. We have our own Lady Godiva here in the City of West Hollywood.”

Still, several residents like Moundiux have rejected the prevailing anti-Trump sentiment often promoted and encouraged by those claiming to represent LGBT people.

“I disagree with a lot of the politics that he’s done, etcetera, but I also agree with things that he’s done that are…beneficial for gays,” Moundiux told Fletcher. “Right now he’s doing an amazing job.”

The Cuban-born Mounduix, who has spoken out against communism and socialism on Twitter, joins 15 other Big Brother contestants competing for a grand prize of $500,000. The new season begins Wednesday night with a special two-hour episode. Cast members will live in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move, sequestered from the outside world. Each week the house guests will vote someone out, while the last remaining participant will win the jackpot.

Mounduix, who already has more than 23,000 followers on Instagram, promises to give America “an amazing summer with a lot of entertainment.”

“I am going to be the sweetest small guy that everyone would want to hug and kiss,” he said.

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