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The Glorious Bonfire of the ObamaCare Vanities

With the help of the mainstream media, most especially serial-lying fact-checkers like PolitiFact and the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, President Obama lied America into ObamaCare, and did so dozens of times, although he and his media knew it was all lies. Time and again we were assured and reassured we could keep our insurance and doctors, healthcare choices would increase, prices would decrease, and the rivers would run with chocolate.

Those of us who knew it was all a lie (for instance, mandates made it impossible for most insurance plans to continue to exist) were shouted down by the mainstream media as liars and, yes, racists. And now, in a sight more glorious than the Northern Lights or Raquel Welch in a fur bikini, ObamaCare is burning to the ground. (Ed Morrissey is a must-read to understand what is happening out there.)

Also burning to the ground are the biggest lies told about ObamaCare, lies our elites, through their own vanity, convinced themselves were true. And the fact that these did indeed prove to be lies, should give one a modicum of hope for the future of America.

The bottom line is that despite the left’s white-knuckled hold on the news media, popular culture, academia, and the bureaucracy of the federal government; despite a wildly charismatic president who personifies everything young people see as cool; despite a freakin’ federal government mandate, the elites still couldn’t do it — they still couldn’t convince young people to purchase ObamaCare.

I’m not convinced this shockingly stupid law would work even with young people buying in, but that is what we are told; that the dreaded (tee hee) Death Spiral is underway because there are not enough young and healthy Americans buying into the program.

You see, vanity told our elites that it was supposed to work like this…

Everyone knew that the sick and poor would pour into ObamaCare. The sick for obvious reasons, the poor because their coverage would be subsidized by taxpayers. That would not be enough, though, to sustain the program. In order for insurance to work — any kind of insurance, not just ObamaCare — you need a large pool of people paying into it who do not use it. You need people buying life insurance who do not die young, people buying fire insurance who are not destroyed by fire, and people buying health insurance who are not sick. Hence, the young and healthy.

To their everlasting credit, despite all the guilting, despite the fact that they voted for Obama in overwhelming numbers, despite enormous cultural and governmental pressure, the young and healthy are staying away in droves.

As well they should.

I knew ObamaCare was doomed the moment I saw the size of the deductibles, which have only increased since. Even if you are being heavily-subsidized, thanks to a deductible you will only reach if something catastrophic occurs, out of your own pocket you are still paying something for a product you will almost certainly never use.

The State and its Media actually believed that in a free country they could convince millions of Americans to purchase from mega-corporations an expensive product they do not need.

But vanity whispered into the ears of our Betters and told them this would not be so.

Just take a step back and think about the insanity of ObamaCare… The State and its Media actually believed that in a free country they could convince millions of Americans to purchase from mega-corporations an expensive product they do not need.

As much as we the American people are already manipulated by large corporations, the mainstream media, popular culture, and our government, the very demographic these same corrupt institutions consider to be their sweet-spot still could not be manipulated into buying ObamaCare.

That is not a small deal.

The long-term effects of ObamaCare’s failure are also positive.

Until this disaster is a forgotten memory 15 or 20 years from now, trust in the government that conceived it and the dishonest media that propagandized for it, are at record lows, and justifiably so. This will make it extremely difficult for either to again convince the American people that the government should reach out and take over a chunk of the private sector.

Stay ungovernable, America.

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