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Gloria Steinem Ridiculously Claims Trump Lost By 10 Million Votes

By  Paul Bois

We already knew feminist exemplar Gloria Steinem knew little about how to do morality, but who would have thought she knew little about how to do math? According to the famed abortion enthusiast, President Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by as many as 10 million votes, roughly 7 million votes over the actual total.

Speaking at the Massachusetts Conference for Women last Wednesday, Steinem said she will never call Trump “president” — preferring instead to call him the “harasser-in-chief” because he “lost” last year’s general election by “10 million votes.”

According to Newsbusters, Steinem’s absurd calculations uttered before crowds of conspiratorial feminists has been largely ignored by the MSM.

“In one noteworthy instance, the Associated Press either ignored the obviously noteworthy ’10 million votes’ claim or deleted it in a subsequent revision to an earlier report,” reports Newsbusters. “Steinem’s ’10 million votes’ remark has been reported at and New England Cable News, and has been sharply criticized by Matt Vespa at on Saturday. That’s it.”

So how did Steinem approach that farce of a number? In a mid-August Facebook post, this year, she said the following:

Trump lost by 10 million votes — 3 for Hillary + 7 for other candidates. He’s in the White House because of the Electoral College; a creation of slave states giving white male voters power by number of slaves. Trump’s one value is shocking us into learning and talking about our divisions of race, sex, class, schooling, incarceration and daily life. We are Woke! Use it!

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The underlying illogic to this bizarre rant is that presidential candidates must win a popular vote majority. Still, on that logic, she fails. As the graph shows, Hillary “lost” in 2016 by 4.8 million votes when totaled up against the other candidates:

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