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Gloria Steinem: ‘I’ve Never Seen This Much Activism In My Life’

By  Paul Bois

Abortion advocate Gloria Steinem is deeply pleased by the amount of feminist activism that has permeated the tenure of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Speaking with the clothing company Everlane for their new “Human Heroes” video series, Steinem said that she has “never seen this much activism” in her life regarding several feminist issues. “It’s way, way more than anything I’ve ever seen,” said the 84-year-old Steinem.

Launching Monday, the video series highlights people who “have dedicated their lives to empowering their communities and making a difference,” according to Glamour. Alex Spunt, head of creative at Everlane, said the series promotes a “radical transparency.”

“Defending human rights has been core to our mission of Radical Transparency from the very beginning,” Spunt said. “The Human Heroes series is our way of highlighting individuals who fight for those rights every single day ― and Gloria Steinem is the ultimate Human Hero. For over 50 years she’s fought on behalf of disempowered and disenfranchised women all over the globe and even now, at 84 years old, she still uses her voice to educate and inspire every day.”

In the video, Steinem credited the feminist wave of the 1960’s for her becoming a writer, a profession she started at New York Magazine in 1968.

“I always wanted to be a writer but thanks to the women’s movement especially my life came together because I realized that as a writer I could make visible that which had been invisible,” she said.

Steinem says she draws strength from the wave of new young feminists, the kind who believe that Vice President Mike Pence is working in tandem with religious zealots to deliver an apocalypse of “Handmaid’s Tale”-level proportions, “It’s a great trade. We’re better together, right?” she said.

Gloria Steinem’s comments echo the spirit of former Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, who recently said that the Trump administration is “the worst for women” that she’s ever seen.

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