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Glamour’s Mother’s Day Message: Abortion Is An ‘Act Of Love’

Abortion is an act of many things: evil, cruelty, inhumanity, narcissism, etc. An “act of love” it is not.

For a special Mother’s Day message, Glamour magazine featured abortionist Ghazaleh Moayedi writing an opinion piece. “How Motherhood Made Me a Better Abortion Provider” reads the headline.

Moayedi lamented about how Mother’s Day features cards that celebrate all kinds of things about our moms, but do not have anything that “celebrate abortion,” believing that the plethora of cards that “celebrate giving hugs, wiping noses, and kissing boo-boos” or “actions that are seen as the core of how a mother expresses love for her children” exclude the moms who took the selfish route through abortion.

“For my patients that were already parenting, I feel the deep love they had both for the children they had and for the pregnancies they were ending,” she insisted. “Choosing an abortion is an act of love.”

“For my patients who were not parents, and did not want to be at that moment, or who never want to be a parent, I recognize their abortions as an act of intentional motherhood,” she wrote.

Moayedi went on to highlight a story about her colleague, who actually became more committed to abortion after becoming a mom. (Pro Tip, Kids: If your mom tells you she became more committed to abortion after spawning you, then she doesn’t much like having you around.)

I am often asked whether providing abortion care is hard as a mother—as if abortion somehow exists in a realm outside of motherhood. But motherhood is not an accidental or natural job; motherhood is a job done with intention. Holding my baby’s tiny hands in my own not only strengthened my commitment to providing compassionate abortion care but also exposed how I needed to commit to supporting mothers in all aspects of my care.

One patient, Moayedi recalls, actually came for an abortion with her two children with her, even joking about how difficult raising children can be.

“As I finished the five-minute abortion procedure, we laughed about motherhood as her other child watched videos on my phone,” she said. “We laughed about how demanding and obstinate toddlers can be, about the tribulations of potty training, and about how absolutely strange that ‘Daddy Finger’ song is.”

“Becoming a mother,” she concluded, “fundamentally changed everything.”

Calling abortion an “act of love” is par for the course for Moayedi. Her Twitter feed alone is replete with oddities, such as the time she posted “pictures of herself teaching medical students about abortion by performing a simulation of uterine aspiration (sucking out baby bits from the uterus) with papayas,” according to LifeNews.

On Valentine’s Day, she wrote a poem about performing an abortion by flashlight because the power went out: