GiveSendGo: Nearly Half Of Canadian Freedom Convoy Donations From U.S. Small Donors
Supporters for a convoy of truckers driving from British Columbia to Ottawa in protest of a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers, gather near a highway overpass outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on January 27, 2022.
COLE BURSTON/AFP via Getty Images

Nearly half of the more than $8 million raised for the Canadian trucker Freedom Convoy on GiveSendGo comes from small American donors, the organization revealed on Wednesday.

The crowdfunding platform offered its assistance after GoFundMe shut down the Freedom Convoy fundraiser of more than $10 million earlier in February.

GiveSendGo “estimates roughly half the donations it has collected to help the group came from small donations made from the U.S.” in an update provided to Fox Business.

The report included comments from organization co-founder and CFO Jacob Wells, who shared “a pretty even split between donations coming from Canada and donations coming from the U.S.,” noting “the average donation was quite small – less than $100.”

The crowdfunding group also announced it was operating again on Tuesday after a cyberattack against the Canadian trucker Freedom Convoy fundraiser occurred on Sunday night.

GiveSendGo released a statement to social media on Tuesday to address the many concerns related to the incident.

“We know there are many questions concerning the attacks on GiveSendGo Sunday night,” the statement read.

The final words of the statement noted the cyberattack represented more than a technical issue, telling supporters the platform is “in a battle,” as The Daily Wire previously reported:

“We are in a battle. We didn’t expect it to be easy. This has not caused us to be afraid. Instead, it’s made it even more evident that we can not back down. Thank you for your continued support, prayers and the countless emails letting us know you are standing with us,” the statement concluded. On Saturday, GiveSendGo reported on Twitter that they are continuing to work with different campaign organizers to ensure funds reach the Freedom Convoy.

“The funds from the Freedom Convoy are not frozen contrary to what you might be hearing on the news. GiveSendGo is working with many different campaign organizers to find the most effective legal ways to continue funds flowing,” the company wrote.

Following GoFundMe’s closure of the Freedom Convoy’s fundraiser, GiveSendGo worked with the group’s organizers to launch a new effort. According to a February 7 press release from the crowdfunding site, the launch quickly became its “largest campaign ever,” raising $4.5 million in less than 24 hours.

“Along with the tremendous showing of support, there has also been plenty of push back,” Wells said in a statement. “We’ve seen nearly 10 million bots trying to overwhelm our servers in just the past two hours. Though this has caused issues for the platform, we will not let it stand in the way of providing a safe and effective means of fundraising for our campaign owner across the globe.”

GiveSendGo has continued its stand with the Freedom Convoy, stating it will seek legal efforts to ensure funds reach those for whom they are intended.

In the group’s latest post, the crowdfunding site restated its solidarity with the Freedom Convoy, tweeting, “We are on the side of FREEDOM!!”

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