Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Suspect Asked Jailers Just One Question
In this handout provided by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, Rex Heuermann poses for his booking photo on July 14, 2023.
Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

The suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer, who was arrested last week after more than a decade since the bodies of 11 women were found on Long Island, asked his jailers just one question.

“Is it in the news?” the suspect asked while he was being processed, the New York Post reported.

The 59-year-old New York City architect is suspected of killing at least four women, known as the “Gilgo Four,” who were found wrapped in burlap near each other in late 2010. He is so far not suspected of killing six additional people who were found in the area.

The Daily Wire is not naming the suspect in keeping with a company policy that seeks to deprive mass killers of the notoriety they often crave.

At a press briefing on Monday, State Police Major Stephen Udice said that a cold case detective assigned to the Gilgo Beach murders identified the suspect as a suspect within a month of taking the case.

“This was the first time that [the suspect’s] name had come up and the first time that he had been identified as a potential suspect,” Udice said, according to the Post. “At that time, the task force worked as a team to move forward with that information, and the investigation ultimately confirmed that [the suspect] was in fact the individual responsible for at minimum the deaths of three women.”

The search for the killer began anew in January 2022, when New York Police Department Chief Rodney Harrison became the Suffolk County police commissioner. A task force was launched, and a senior investigator was told to focus only on solving the murders.

The task force identified the suspect.

The suspect is the owner and founder of RH Consultants and Associates, an architecture firm in Midtown Manhattan. Its website boasts that American Airlines and the NYC-DEP Sewerage Treatment as clients. Last year, he gave an interview to the YouTube channel Bonjour Reality, saying that he was “born and raised on Long Island,” but has “been working in Manhattan since 1987.”

The four bodies currently connected to the suspect were found after Shannan Gilbert, an escort who operated using Craigslist, went missing one night in Oak Beach on Long Island.

Gilbert was last seen leaving the area on foot in distress that night in 2010, though Suffolk County Police say she had a driver waiting to take her home. The driver received a call from Gilbert’s client, who said she had started acting irrationally and demanded she leave, Fox News reported.

“After refusing to leave the location at the request of her client, Gilbert eventually fled on foot into the Oak Beach community,” police said, according to Fox. “She knocked on several doors before disappearing.”

Gilbert’s disappearance led police to search along Ocean Parkway, where they discovered four women’s bodies over the course of several days. The first body found was Melissa Barthelemy. One year later, on December 11, 2011, police found Gilbert’s purse and cellphone a quarter-mile away from Barthelemy’s body. Two days later, Gilbert’s body was found in roughly the same area as the serial killer’s victims.

The suspect has so far not been connected to Gilbert’s death.

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