Ghislaine Maxwell Thinks Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself. What Do You Think?


You haven’t forgotten about Ghislaine Maxwell, have you?

Well, she recently gave an interview from prison, and it was shocking to hear her say she believes Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

As we all know, “Epstein didn’t kill himself” has become a bit of a punchline, but there are people who are actually saying he was taken out by other actors.

Now, it should be noted the circumstances surrounding his death are incredibly suspicious. When they removed Epstein’s dead body from prison in August 2019, for example, his face was left uncovered. When have you ever seen a person who committed suicide, taken out on a gurney — with their face uncovered?

Beyond that, there are obvious questions about how, in such a max-security prison, he was able to get away with it.

Given the rumors about who or what Epstein was, there certainly would be motives to take such a person out — possibly by governments or private actors.

Maxwell also thinks it’s all so utterly bizarre. Speaking from a Florida jail cell to a United Kingdom broadcaster on TalkTV, she said of Epstein’s suicide, “I don’t believe it’s real for a second.”

Maxwell explained she understood that Epstein was going to appeal his conviction.

“I believe that he was murdered. I was shocked and I wondered how it happened because … he was saying to me … I was sure he was going to appeal and I was sure that he was covered under the non-prostitution agreement,” she said. “But I wasn’t in the indictment. So I wasn’t mentioned. I wasn’t even one of the co-conspirators,” she said. “I obviously wish I’d never met him. You know, looking back now, I probably wish I had stayed in England.”

Later on in the interview, she implies how she has been victimized by this monster of the media. Her argument is that public opinion essentially wanted to prosecute Jeffrey Epstein, but now that he is out of the picture, the media still wants to see somebody held accountable.

Since the client list hasn’t been revealed, they’re going after her since she is now the face of the operation.

Is there some truth to that? Yes, absolutely. I believe there’s been such intense public interest in this story for good reason — because it’s completely horrific.

We’ve received no justice because Epstein has “killed himself.”

Justice remains elusive because we know Epstein had a list of very important names connected to him. Yet, despite that, we don’t have a single name as to whom he was servicing. We know he was flying powerful figures to and from the island where his egregious sexual crimes took place. He has ties to Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and countless others — yet nobody has been arrested.

And so instead, Maxwell takes the fall completely.

Now, is she guilty of some awful things? Yes, of course. Still, I suspect she’s become the sole scapegoat for this entire operation. Many more people should have been arrested.

What else is bizarre about this story? Well, Maxwell apparently thinks the British Royal, Prince Andrew, is innocent of the claims against him.

Prince Andrew was allegedly photographed with Virginia Giuffre — allegedly one of the underage girls trafficked by Epstein. The story has been he had sex with her, though it has never been proven.

Maxwell, however, says the infamous photo is fake.

“I don’t believe it’s real for a second,” Maxwell said of the photo. “In fact, I’m sure it’s not … there’s never been an original. Further, there’s no photograph. I’ve only ever seen a photocopy of it.”

Prince Andrew has maintained his innocence through it all. Many people do not believe him.

Personally, I don’t know where I stand on it — not enough information has been revealed for me to have a well-formed opinion on it. A picture can be worth a thousand words, or it can be just a picture being entirely misconstrued.

Of course, if Prince Andrew is involved in this, then he should go to prison as well.

Needless to say, this isn’t over. Maxwell’s latest interview raises more questions than it answers.

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