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George Soros Whines About ‘Toxic, Personal’ Criticism Against Him

Leftist billionaire George Soros complained that his feelings were hurt this weekend because people have been rightly calling him out for undermining democracy and all things decent.

NBC News reports that the man synonymous with breaking the bank of England is now “defending his right to donate hundreds of thousands of pounds to a pro-European Union campaign aimed at stopping the U.K. leaving the political and economic bloc.”

In 2016, the people of England spoke loudly and clearly, voting to leave the European Union, and yet, George Soros has no respect for that. Instead, the champagne socialist donated a (small) portion of his wealth ($550,000) to the anti-Brexit Best for Britain campaign.

At least two U.K. newspapers have publicly called out George Soros as a foreign interloper with a “secret plot to thwart Brexit.”

“Butt out, Mr Soros. You can keep your tainted money,” said the Daily Mail.

The Daily Telegraph identified Soros on their front page as “the man who broke the bank of England.”

In response, Soros wrote in the Mail on Sunday that the “toxic, personal criticism” against him was unfounded.

“I consider Brexit a tragic mistake. … Brexit is a lose-lose proposition both for Britain and for Europe,” said Soros. “Politically, Europe without Britain will be weakened in its ability to defend and promote democratic values.”

“To make matters worse, the divorce process will preoccupy both Britain and Europe for years ahead, when they should be uniting to resist external enemies like Putin’s Russia and resolve the internal contradictions that made some people regard the EU as their enemy,” he added.

The Best for Britain campaign, with the help of Soros, will be launching a nationwide advertising campaign later this month with the intention of convincing voters to ask for a second referendum that could reverse Brexit.

In 1992, the Hungarian-born Soros “broke the Bank of England” when he bet against the pound, causing the day known as “Black Wednesday,” forcing the British government to withdraw the currency from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.

The list of sins committed by foreign interloper Soros goes well beyond breaking the Bank of England. If any man is deserving of “toxic, personal criticism,” it is Soros, who has earned it in spades.

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