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George Mason University Wanted to Name Its Law School After Scalia. Then They Ran Into A Problem.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

George Mason University decided to rename their law school in honor of the late great Justice Antonin Scalia. The university, however, apparently did not proofread the troublesome acronyms created by The Antonin Scalia School of Law at George Mason University: “ASSLaw” or “ASSoL.”

Naturally, the Twittersphere erupted with suggestive and comical remarks over the rear-end-resembling acronym of the new law school.

The well-intended, now-remorseful university quickly sent a letter to the students to cover their… behinds. GMU explained that they had initially “authorized to use a variety of different names.”

“The name initially announced – The Antonin Scalia School of Law — has caused some acronym controversy on social media,” said the dean of the law school, adding, “The Antonin Scalia Law School is a logical substitute.”

The Hill notes that the law school is now “using the alternative name on its website and marketing materials.”

“The renaming of the school is expected to be effective July 1, with final approval from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.”

Soon after the mishap, Dean Henry N. Butler and a professor at the university, co-authored a piece in the Washington Post about the memorializing of originalist Scalia.

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