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Gay Pride Parade Unveils INSANE Anti-Republican Banner After Democrat Jihadist Kills 49 At Gay Nightclub

At Sunday’s Gay Pride Parade in New York City, the gay community boasted a rainbow banner with the words “Republican Hate Kills” plastered across it—a remarkable testimony to the masterful manipulation of the gay community by the left.

Mind you, it’s been mere weeks since a Hillary-supporting registered Democrat jihadist murdered 49 gays on behalf of ISIS, an Islamic terrorist group which successfully metastasized under Democratic President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Oh, and the murderer was investigated and released by the FBI two times, thanks in large part to this Democratic administration’s half-hearted, side-mouthed “see something, say something” plea while simultaneously condemning those who “say something” as racist xenophobes, i.e. the “Clock Boy” fiasco.

Somehow, Democrats have successfully pinned Republicans as the scapegoats for their utter failure to address (heck, even acknowledge) radical Islam; they have disturbingly equated the refusal of the occasional Christian baker from baking a gay wedding cake to the massacring of gays at a nightclub in the name of Allah.

Though not all gays buy the narrative, many have bought into the lie hook, line and sinker.

This was revealed again just last week when gays gathered in NYC for a vigil for the Orlando massacre victims and publicly blamed “Republican hate,” and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in particular, for the terrorist attack.

Democrats will no doubt continue to push this asinine narrative for political cover and gain; and many gays will continue to buy in, wearing “Queers against Islamophobia” pins and ignoring the greatest threat to the gay community: radical Islam.