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Wasted Mayor Beats Up Husband After Gay Pride Parade

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

A mayor of an Ohio suburb got into a physical altercation with his husband, who happens to be the village’s maintenance supervisor, after a long day of partying at Cincinnati gay pride festivities, which included lots of alcohol, apparently.

Elmwood Place Mayor Bill Wilson and his husband, village maintenance supervisor Bill Smith, were both charged with domestic battery, as it was unclear who was the main aggressor according to local police. Both Wilson and Smith took a beating it seems, with Wilson catching a black eye and Smith boasting scratches on his face.

On their way home from a rowdy day of gay pride in downtown Cincinnati on Saturday, the couple apparently “got into an argument over who was ‘drunkest’ and who should be driving,” reports WLWT5 News. The fight continued back at their residence where they apparently beat one another and ended up rolling around in broken glass.

The duo was also charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication and Wilson was also charged with obstructing official business and resisting arrest. The mayor reportedly pushed an officer and attempted to make a run for it after cops showed up.

Fox19 Now reports:

Wilson called Elmwood Place police officers to the residence at 527 Maple St. When they arrived, they found the men intoxicated with eye injuries from punches and scratches from broken glass that they were rolling on, according to the release.

The men reportedly persisted in drunken disorderly behavior after being told to stop and were arrested.

Elmwood Place police then called on St. Bernard police for assistance with the men’s arrest because both men work in the village administration, the release states.

Wilson continued his disorderly behavior in public, according to police, and caused alarm among neighbors. He ran inside the home away from officers and later attempted to run again as Elmwood medics checked on him.

Both men were booked at Hamilton County Jail.

Local residents reacted to the altercation following the gay pride festivities with feelings of shame.

“You got to have a leader, you’ve got to have a good leader. You lead by example. That’s not by example,” resident Mickey Turner told WLWT5 News.

“They should hold a higher regard of who they are and set a better example than out here in the public, they’re out here fighting,” Turner added.

“That’s their mayor and they had to arrest him,” said resident Brandon Spivey.

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