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Gay Journalist: Random Straight People Should Be Banned From Gay Bars

Gay journalist Skylar Baker-Jordan is sick and tired of all these darn straight people being all up in “gay spaces,” particularly gay bars.

Reacting to an article from Rose Dommu at Out magazine, which scolds “misogynistic” gay men for complaining about straight women being at gay bars, Baker-Jordan complains about straight people of both sexes, suggesting only straights with proper invites should be allowed access to such gay establishments.

The journalist doubled-down on his anti-straight position, explaining that straight people disrespect “gay spaces” by entering without a special invite from an LGBT person.

He even likened a gay bar with random straight people in it to a “zoo.”

Now, this is not exactly the inclusive stuff one would expect from the Left, a political faction continuously spouting-off about their impressive “tolerance” while chiding the Right for alleged bigotry. But here we are.

And if you look back on anything penned by Baker-Jordan, you would understand that he doesn’t find this bigoted; not because of some deep belief in the First Amendment, but because he is gay and therefore of an oppressed class. This, according to the essayist, makes him incapable of espousing bigotry toward straight or white people (those below him on the Victimhood Pyramid), even when he actually does espouse bigotry.

In a vile piece for The Daily Dot in 2015, for example, the journalist defended a #KillAllWhitePeople hashtag. Yes, for real. And, again, it wasn’t for some free speech reasoning either; it was because 1) the person promoting the hashtag had the right identity: a minority female and 2) the hashtag targeted inherently evil white men and not, say, gay or black men:

Racism and sexism require both prejudice and power, and as a woman of color, Mustafa lacks both white privilege and male privilege, and thus lacks any structural or institutional power in these areas. … Intersectionality—the theory we are all differently privileged and oppressed—is key to understanding why, coming from Mustafa, #KillAllWhiteMen is different than, say, #KillAllGayMen.

You see kids, this is your brain on intersectionality; where things a leftist would find racist or sexist or bigoted are totally okay if you attain the right identity and target “non-oppressed” groups.