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FULL FASCIST: Ireland May Ban Praying Outside Abortion Clinics

Now that Ireland has essentially eliminated the rights of unborn children by voting to allow abortion, the country may go full fascist by banning prayer outside abortion clinics.

According to LifeNews, Ireland’s pro-abortion Health Minister Simon Harris has “proposed buffer zones to prohibit protests near future abortion facilities in Ireland.” The proposed buffer zone would be considered in the legislation brought before Parliament.

Ireland is dead-set on killing unborn babies as soon as possible. Even though abortion has not yet been enshrined into law by Parliament, lawmakers have actually proposed extending the summer session just so they can ram through the legislation, which would potentially legalize abortion for any reason up to 12 weeks and for a number of reasons up to six months.

As noted by LifeNews, Ireland’s proposed abortion law is well on its way to mirroring Britain, which sees one in every five pregnancies terminated by abortion every year.

“The buffer zone proposal is yet another way abortion activists could silence pro-lifers who want to provide pregnant women with information and support,” reports LifeNews. “During the referendum campaign, abortion activists and pro-abortion politicians repeatedly complained about pro-lifers using ‘graphic images’ to harass and intimidate women. In many cases those graphic images were nothing more than images of unborn babies.”

Buffer zones largely keep pro-lifers from counseling deeply confused pregnant women before they enter the manipulative grasp of the abortion clinic. Many times, the women are just ignorant to the facts and change their mind after being given proper information by pro-life counselors. In other words, the so-called “pro-choice” movement wants the women to make one choice based on lies, not an informed choice based on truth. More from LifeNews:

Earlier this spring, a British city adopted the country’s first buffer zone outside a Marie Stopes abortion facility in Ealing. Pro-life advocates are challenging the 100-meter zone in court.

Abortion activists claim the buffer zone is necessary to protect women from harassment, but pro-life advocates with the Good Counsel Network said they have never harassed women and hundreds of people have accepted the information they provide.

Previously, Ealing pro-life advocate Clare McCullough told a local radio station a ban of pro-life vigils would support the business interests of the abortion facility, which has “lost about 13% of their clientele in the last year, that [GCN] have figures for.”

Buffer zones not only prevent free speech, they also block pro-lifers from offering life-affirming information and support to pregnant moms. Often it is information that women will not receive inside an abortion facility, including the material support available to them and their babies, the risks of an abortion and the facts about their unborn baby’s development.

Fortunately, the United States has largely staved off the buffer zone push. In 2014, pro-lifers won a huge victory when the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously struck down a 35-foot Massachusetts buffer zone law.

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