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French Populist Leader Marine Le Pen Faces Prison Time For Tweeting Images Of ISIS

On Thursday, French prosecutors filed preliminary charges against far-right populist Marine Le Pen for tweeting images of violence committed by members of the Islamic State.

Le Pen, who lost a presidential bid last year, has been charged with “distribution of violent images” and, if convicted, could face up to three years behind bars and hefty fines equating to $90,000.

In December 2015, the French nationalist tweeted images of ISIS executions, including the beheading of American reporter James Foley. The post came on the heels of the gruesome Bataclan attack by the Islamic extremists in Paris, France, where 89 innocents were reportedly tortured and brutally murdered.

The post was a commentary on France’s inaction when it comes to Islamic extremism.

Last year, the French parliament lifted Le Pen’s immunity from such prosecution, notes The Associated Press. The far-right leader’s lawyer, Rodolphe Bosselut, confirmed the charges.

The charges are shocking, especially to an American populace protected by the First Amendment. Le Pen could possibly spend three years behind bars for posting photos of real events online, exposing what she felt was government inadequacy.

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