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FRANKEL: A Sad, But Logical Conclusion Of Leftism

By  Jeremy

Last week, a piece ran in titled, “What’s it like being autosexual, when you’re attracted to yourself?” It discusses how certain individuals are aroused by the thought of themselves or seeing themselves in the mirror, and even cites an example of a woman proposing to and marrying herself.

This is markedly deviant, to say the least. But even if we assume it is a rare oddity, we should still analyze a worldview that would breed the idea of someone being so obsessed with themselves that it would morph into a sexual nature.

This worldview is part of the same one that destroys everything it touches — Leftism.

One may ask, what is this weird sexual orientation’s correlation with politics? It is a valid question since the link isn’t overt, unless we understand the philosophy underlying what the Left stands for.

Leftism, progressivism, socialism, call it what you will, is grounded in the notion that God does not exist. As German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche put it, “God is dead.” I have written about what transpires when God is removed from the equation — government often fills a deity’s void, which explains why, generally, the more secular a person is, the more likely they are to be on the Left.

However, there remains another being that one can worship to fill that empty void where God should be — yourself.

There are a few reasons for this. For one, Leftism inherently embodies a selfish worldview. “I’m entitled to this, just because I’m me, so I’ll take whatever I want from the people who earned it because I didn’t and I should have it because, again, I’m me.”

This mentality leads to the second part of the equation, which is arrogance. A Leftist will be arrogant because they believe they are omniscient and know how to run others’ lives more proficiently than the individual can run his or her own life. That is the entire foundation of a centralized government, and when that mindset is put on an individual level, that person becomes, by definition, overly self-important. And if you believe that you’re the most important being to walk the earth, what will stop you from being attracted to yourself?

Leftism, which only pretends to respect other people’s God-given rights and their points of view, while at the same time holding itself higher than everyone else, is inherently a toxic and destructive force. It truly ruins everything it touches.

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