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France And Belgium Say Terrorist Attack ‘Imminent’

By  Joshua

On the heels of the Islamic terror attack in Paris that left a police chief and his wife dead, both France and Belgium are bracing themselves for more jihadist massacres in the near future. According to Belgian intelligence, a cohort of Muslim men who left from Syria one week ago after joining up with ISIS militia are planning “imminent” terror attacks.

“Combatants are thought to have left Syria around a week and a half ago to reach Europe via Turkey and Greece by boat without passports,” assert Belgian anti-terror officials in a memo published by Dernière Heure newspaper. “These people are thought to have split into two groups – one for Belgium, the other for France in order to commit terror attacks in groups of two.”

The note from Belgian intelligence included a dire warning:

According to information collected, these people are thought to already be in possession of the necessary weaponry and their attack is imminent.

The threat of imminent jihadist attacks comes just as the Euro 2016 games are set to commence in France. Thousands of people from across Europe are expected to attend the tournaments, leaving security officials gravely concerned about public safety.

“While Dernière Heure makes no mention of specific threats to football stadiums or other targets in France, it cites more precise information on three Belgian targets,” reports The Telegraph. “These include ‘a big Brussels shopping centre, a restaurant of a American fast food chain (not localised) and a police target, such as a police station (not localised).’”

The threat of imminent jihadist attacks comes just as the Euro 2016 games are set to commence in France.

Belgium’s anti-terror body, Ocam, currently has the country at terror level three; that means that there is a “serious” risk of a major attack. Given the new information, Belgian officials have considered boosting the alert level to four, meaning the risk of attack is “serious and imminent.”

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