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Fox News Names Its First Female CEO: ‘She Has Now Made History’

Fox News has named the permanent replacement for CEO Roger Ailes, who was ousted in 2016, and in the spirit of “Time’s Up,” the new chief executive of the top-rated cable news network is a woman: veteran programming executive Suzanne Scott — the first ever female CEO of Fox and now the only woman running a major cable and broadcast news organization.

The appointment of Scott as CEO of both Fox News and Fox Business Network comes amid a larger restructuring of 21st Century Fox as part of its deal with Disney, which is acquiring the bulk of the company’s assets. CNN reports that Rupert Murdoch, who acted as CEO after Ailes was forced out in 2016 amid sexual harassment allegations, will continue to serve as executive chairman of the reformed parent company, along with his son, Lachlan.

Scott has been with Fox News since it launched in 1996 and spent several years helping develop and oversee programming at the network, serving as president of programming for the last year.

In a statement Thursday, Lachlan Murdoch praised Scott for her “vision and innovation” and expressed confidence in her ability to help shape and lead the “New Fox” in the coming years.

“Her vision and innovation have helped create some of the most popular and lucrative primetime programs on cable and as we embark on the era of the proposed New Fox, I am confident that Suzanne’s leadership will ensure the dominance of both Fox News and FBN for years to come,” said Murdoch.

“She has now made history as its first female CEO,” said Murdoch. Scott is now the only woman running a major news organization that includes both cable and broadcast programming.

Scott’s right-hand man will be Jay Wallace, who will serve as president of Fox News and executive editor. Jack Abernathy, who primarily oversaw business operations, is moving to Los Angeles to run Fox Television Stations Group.

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