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Former Ryan Challenger Paul Nehlen Goes Full Anti-Semite, Compiles List Of Jewish Enemies

By  Ben Shapiro

On Tuesday, failed Congressional candidate, former Breitbart favorite, and all-around anti-Semitic dirtbag Paul Nehlen took to Twitter to explain his recent troubles at the hands of the Juden. According to Nehlen, his popularity has only nose-dived because of the nefarious Jewish conspiracy. He tweeted:

“Making lists of Jews is definitely a good way to avoid being labeled anti-Semitic,” said no one ever.

Nehlen’s capacity for hate is rivalled only by his incapacity to do basic research. As it turns out, a huge number of the “Jews” on the list aren’t Jewish: Yashar Ali, Kassy Dillon, Jim Swift, Harry Khachatrian, Tiana Lowe, among others. But no matter: according to Nehlen, those who oppose him must be Jews. Because Jews. You know, THE JOOOOOOOOOOS.

Herein lies the stupidity of identity politics. Nehlen’s district is overwhelmingly Christian. He was defeated by a whopping 68% in his primary race against Paul Ryan. That’s because most people think he’s a nut. And his response to most people believing him a nut is to retreat into a group identity – an identity in a group, by the way, where most people believe he’s a dolt.

But the good news is that now I have my Channukah gift list all compiled.

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