Former MSNBC Host Celebrates Death Of Elderly White Man Who Was Punched Over Alleged Racial Slur 

"He f***ed around and found out."
Writer Toure attends an evening with Norman Lear at The Montalban on January 28, 2015 in Hollywood, California.
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Former MSNBC host Touré Neblett publicly celebrated the death of a 77-year-old white man who was reportedly punched by a black employee after using a racial slur at a Dunkin’ Donuts.

“Corey Pujols, 27, said he punched the 77-year-old man after the man called him a racial slur, according to an arrest report,” the Tampa Bay Times reported Tuesday. “The man later died. Pujols faces a manslaughter charge.”

Touré, who goes by his first name, hit up social media to celebrate.

“A [77-year-old] white customer at Dunkin Donuts was upset about something and he called a Black 27 yo employee the n-word,” he wrote. “The brother told him say it again. The old man did. The brother knocked him out. The old man fell, lost consciousness, and died.”

“He f***ed around and found out,” the activist added.  

Touré was not yet done celebrating and justifying the physical assault, later asserting that saying the N-word is a “violent act” and classifying Pujols’ deadly assault as “self defense.”

“How else will white people learn???” the left-wing politico notably questioned in one of his many tweets justifying the physical violence.

“If there was actual justice in this country, as opposed to white justice, then if you went to someone’s minimum wage job and called them the n-word twice, whatever happened after that would be legally acceptable,” he posted to Twitter Wednesday morning.

“The employee is facing a murder charge. Which makes no damn sense,” Touré said.

Emphasizing his position, he then posted his own poll for “black people.”

“Black people—You’re on the jury. The Black defendant was at work. White customer called him the n-word. Defendant knocked out the customer and he died. How are you voting?”

“You call someone the n-word twice you’re taking your life for granted,” he wrote in another tweet. “I salute anyone who knocks someone out for that. How else will white people learn???”

The racial slur, Touré said, “was the first violent act” in the encounter, deeming Pujols’ actions “self defense.”

“Don’t act like the punch was the first violent act. That was a retort. That was self defense. Calling someone the n-word is violence.”

“The n-word is not ‘rude,’ it’s a threat to my humanity, it’s a disregard of my life, it’s a rejection of my dignity,” Touré wrote. “It’s far beyond rude, it’s as violent as language can be. F*** around and find out.”

“Let’s not lose sight of the fact that a man lost his life here. He called a Black man the n-word twice and now he’s dead. Serves him right,” Touré reiterated. “He f***ed around and found out.”

Touré made headlines last month when he characterized Ma’Khia Bryant’s violent armed aggression as a simple schoolyard fight that did not require deadly force by a police officer, The Daily Wire highlighted.

Bryant was fatally shot by an officer while she was attempting to stab another black female, reports say.

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