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Former Danish Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen: Why America Must Lead

There is some serious chaos brewing abroad–and only America can stop it.

That’s what former Danish prime minister and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen argues in PragerU’s latest video, pointing out, “Only America has the diplomatic reach, the financial resources, and the firepower to lead the free world against the autocrats, rogue states and terrorists that are trying to overwhelm it.”

Rasmussen noted that prior to America’s as status as a superpower, there were two world wars that destroyed the lives of millions of people. But since World War II, when America was cemented as the world’s greatest superpower, there has been “relative peace.”

However, America’s recent actions in receding from the world stage have emboldened evil throughout the globe, whether it’s Russian dictator Vladimir Putin invading the Crimea, China creating fake islands in the South China Sea or the genocide occurring in Syria.

“Europe is too weak and divided to lead the world. The free nations have an essential role to play, and they must shoulder their full share of the cost, but only America has the credibility to lead,” Fogh Rasumssen said. “This is not just about money or manpower. It is also about morality. Only America has the moral greatness to lead the free world—not for the sake of power, but for the sake of peace.”

Fogh Rasmussen also argued that when America retreats, it increases the risk of the country being attacked, with notable examples being Pearl Harbor and 9/11. But when America projects and strength and leadership across the globe, it leads to events like “world-wide economic expansion since World War II.”

“Freedom, stability and prosperity don’t come for free. And they are not the norm–they are the exception,” Fogh concluded. “An American retreat will unleash a new plague of dictators and oppressors who seek to undo all the good America has done to secure peace and prosperity around the world for decades. And that could lead to a fire no one will be able to put out.”

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